As many of you may know, Watermelon Day is celebrated in August.  We decided in 2nd grade to make this a "Fun Friday" reward.  Rayann picked up some watermelons at our local farmer's market, because they HAVE to have seeds. 

First, we estimated the weight of our watermelon.  We got everything from 50 pounds to thousands of pounds.  We gave them each some green paper and let them draw a watermelon and write their guess on the watermelon.

Next, we weighed each student and the watermelon.  If their weight was above that of the watermelon, their name went above.  If it was below, it went below the watermelon.  We totally were off on the weight of the watermelon!  I thought it weighed about 50 pounds, because it was SO heavy!  I think I need to work out!  It was only 19 pounds!

Then, they got to guess the circumference.  I let them cut a piece of yarn for their guess.  They then got to check their guess with the watermelon and yarn to see if it was too long, too short, or just right.  We graphed the results on chart paper.

We also made estimates of how many seeds were in the watermelon.  And then, the best part..eating the YUMMY watermelon outside!  You have to do it outside, because it gets messy!

Have the students put their seeds in a cup, because now it is time to count them.  We have them sort them into groups of 10 while counting.  We then compare our estimates with the actual number of seeds.  Afterwards, we made these cute watermelons with half of a paper plate, torn red and green construction paper, and our watermelon seeds. 

Rayann is the mastermind behind Watermelon Day.  She made this cute watermelon full of facts.

We also had students make a little book.  I am not sure where Rayann got it, but she read them the story Watermelon Day to start off our day.  To snag a FREEBIE copy of a juicy writing activity for your watermelon day, click the pic below! ENJOY and have a Happy Watermelon Day!

MY CLASSROOM: 1st grade
This is my Daily 5 board----- and my lift off to a great day poster....

Material for the board came from JoAnn Fabrics.....

I have a sink and cupboards this year... I decorated above the cupboards and cubbies with my favorite books and book friends.

I do all of my Calendar on the SMART board but... still want a Hard copy in the room.... Thisis also my spelling list, vocabulary list and language arts word wall for te week... after the week they get moved to the Word Wall up above.

Fabric that I used form JoAnn Fabrics.... Love the fall colors and the dots!

This is my common core wall.... where i can list all the standards and my focus question for the day in each subject. I used ribbons and anchored it with buttons---- Thanks to DEANNA JUMP for TPT Common core standards for 1st grade!!!!
My cubbies....

My room is a work in progress.... Tiffany Gannon ( Lemonade Stand Teacher) room post was soooo cute--- She has the nack for style and decorating...
Love ya girl!!! Check out her post  by clicking on the Where it all goes down Wednesday.
We'll keep updating our classoom pics soo.. check back soon!!
The Lemonade Stand Teachers
 Behavior Buckets in Bulk
These buckets travel!
Pick any theme....

These cards were made from paper bought at the dollar store.

This is a sliding scale---- let them earn back and pull their pins for the good ones too!!

When I say behavior buckets in bulk.... I mean it!!!! I made one for each of the Lemonade Stand Teachers (2nd grade)  and three for the 1st grade ( that includes me- new 1st grade teacher) and I made one and sent to my best friend in OHIO for her second grade classroom. She's doing a school wide construction theme this year... so that's why I used the orange, black and green and hard hats.
You can make these for as little as you want.... these buckets were form the dollar store... so were the pins, and the paw prints came from my local teacher store. The Learning CircleThe Learning Circle

My firend from the Lemonade Stand Teachers posted bucket cards for FREE.... click on classroom management on our blog and print them!!! or make them with your theme!!!

Happy pin pulling from The Lemonade Stand Teachers!!
 Hey everybody! Just wanted to show off my new LOVE, Candy jars and clipboards! I had a very cute candy jar for my classroom. Did you notice the HAD... My student teaching experience was soooo AWESOME-- my co-operating teacher made me a candy jar for a gift at the end of it. I have used it ever since. I found out this summer that I had to MOVE from second grade ALL THE WAY down the hall to 1st grade!!! ( I miss my friends and second grade blog starters- the hall is too long!!) Sooo... back to my the move my jar got broken by my best friend! How could I be mad.. she did drive 8 1/2 hours to help me move and re-set up my new classroom!!!! So I had to go searching for a new jar---- drum roll please... Here it is and it's soooo cute!!!! I love it. The funny thing is the same day I revealed my newPOWER PELLETS jar one my new friends' and first grade teacher got a jar form a student!!! SOOO>> I took pictures of both to show them off!!! Aren't they sooo cute?!! Thanks to my friend Emily and her mad cricut skills!!!

Oh and  she made my clipboard for me too---- LOVE the ribbons and polka dots!!!!

Have a Marvelous weekend---from the Lemonade Stand Teachers!!!!!

 OK..Trying to figure out an easier way to create all these SUPER CUTE blog posts that look like scrapbook pages. Found this FREE tool bar and program called SCRAP NOOK. Sooooo... I made a few pages and can't figure out how to save them to my PC to insert in our blog. BUT... can link it here :(   
 Is it a pain to click the link? I don't know----- give me your feedback---- I want it cute when you look at it!!! Any ideas?!
Just 1 of the FABULOUS Lemonade Stand Teachers!
Hey everybody!  We are linking up again for "Three for Thursday!"  I think I have narrowed down my favorites but I love so much! 

My Favorite Font

Download Free Scrapbook Fonts

This really was tough to decide on!  I L.O.V.E. fonts!  But I probably use this one the most. 

My Favorite Blog

The Inspired Apple

Abby has so many great ideas!  I have bought several of her TPT items and all have been great.  But there are SO many other blogs out there I love!  They have truly changed the way I teach.

My Favorite Online Resource

Click above to follow me.  You can find so many great ideas and pin them for future reference.  I am addicted!!!

Lesson plans and resources for your SMART Board - SMART Exchange

I also have to mention this site.  If you have a SMART board, you have to check it out.  You can find lessons for just about everything.

What are your 3 faves?  Head on over to Blog Hoppin' to share!

We are linking up again with Blog Hoppin' for "Where It All Goes Down Wednesday!" We are in our third week of school, and after looking at everyone's classrooms, I realize I still have a lot of work to do!  I just snapped a few quick shots this afternoon before heading out the door.

Babbling Abby inspired the sign.  She is so creative!!!

Our school is pretty new, but our classrooms are fairly small.  I have 21 students, and we can barely move!  It is tight!  My teacher table is over in the corner with all my small group supplies.  I got my word walls from Teachers Clubhouse.  I love that site!  It really has some great resources.  I added the yellow pom poms this year.  I made them for a party I threw and reused them. 

This is my little corner of the room!  I wrapped my desk with polka dot wrapping paper.  That made it look a hundred times better!  My carpet area is right there below the SMART board.  We just adopted enVision math this year, so you can see the unpacked boxed there in the floor.  Oops!  Guess I should give in and put those away!

My classroom library is to the left of the bookshelf by the door.  The writing center is behind the bookshelf.  Cara over at First Grade Parade inspired the Wall of Fame.  My kiddos love celebrity of the week.  And I got the Lesson Plan SOS Back to School Bash unit this year.  We did the What Kind of Smart are You?  ...such a great beginning of the year activity!

When my classroom is completely set up with centers and all, I will do a new classroom tour post with better details.  The Lemonade Stand wishes you a great day tomorrow!

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Ok... so today I had this epiphany!! I needed a great teacher table activity for helping students practice comparing numbers. ( you know... greater than, less than and between)  So... I went into my teacher closet and looked on my math manipulative shelf looking for an idea. And then it hit me!  I saw the six decks of  large print playing cards that I bought over the summer at the Dollar Store. That's when  icreated the game FLIP it!( so not totally taking credit---- but I did think of it for this purpose :)

I gave each student at the table a deck of cards.   They had to put the cards facedown and when I said FLIP IT! They had to flip one card over. Then three number cards were on the table. They had to tell me who had the greatest number, who had the lesser number and what number would fit between the two numbers.

If they drew a letter card they had to keep drawing until they flipped a number.

If two of the same number came up I would lay them on top of each other and they had to tell me a number that would fit between the two remaining numbers!!!

They loved this!! It was so fun. Check out the pictures.
 This post is to join BLOG HOPPER'S TEACHER WEEK!!! It's teacher talk Tuesday! I love teacher talk!!! I love talking teacher to everyone I know!!! I have been teaching for three years in the public school and before that I taught preschool and infant/ toddlers. Soooo.... maybe I can give a little advice to some newbie teachers......

1. First don't take it personally when everyone refers to you as the NEWBIE. They don't mean it it, it just makes them feel superior to you for a whopping year!!! (Even if your ideas are better than theirs!!! haha!) They earned the right.... so....  suck it up and roll with it.

2. Next... become best friends with the custodial staff. They will find you anything you need and clean up after every mess and project in your classroom with a smile. They love teachers who are nice to them.... be that teacher!!

3. Pick your friends and do it carefully. The old additage: you are who you hang with ....IS TRUE! Surround yourself with the most positive people you can find. These people will have your back and will always make you look good.

4. COLLABORATE< COLLABORATE< COLLABORATE> It will be your life saver the first year. It will help lesson the load and give you the support you need to concour  the curriculum and the standards---- they'll help you with the format for your lesson plans and let you know what your principal expects.

and lastly........

5. HAVE FUN. Don't get wrapped up in all the STUFF and forget about what is important........ the students! They need a teacher who is stress free( or as little as possible---:)  If you don't like it don't be afraid to tweek it. Find things that your excited about ---- SMART baord lessons, creating new ways to teach the standards.... stay excited and they will too!!!
:) Holly Harwood

Good luck and Have a great year from The Lemonade Stand Teachers
Tell us a little something about you...

Hi! I'm Holly Harwood. I have been married to the same wonderful man for 15 years and have three children, two boys and a girl. It's always busy at our house with two dogs and three kids. We love to go, go, go! 
I started blogging with my class last year and my teaching partners talked me into starting our own! We are so excited to enter this new world of so many fun, and creative ways to teach!
How long have you been teaching?

This is my third year teaching. I have taught kindergarten, 2nd and now this year I'm teaching 1st.

You might not know........
Well, you might not know... I love books! I love to read as much as I love to teach! I love to use books to help get students excited about reading and the lesson I'm teaching. I could spend all day at any bookstore and I have a kindle! I love to touch the books and  read through children's books for fun!

What are you looking most forward to this school year?

I'm most looking forward to another new grade level to explore. I loved kindergarten and I think I loved 2nd even more... What could be better but the middle of both! It's the best of both worlds!

What do you need to improve?

I need to improve my word walls and really work on using the new common core standards! I have a feeling it will be a labor of love to post and plan for a brand new set of standards and expectations! Whew! I am exhausted just writing about it!

What teaching supplies can you *not* live without?
My SMART board of course! I truly am lost without it.

Books, books, and more books! 

Our district uses the Treasures Reading Series for the reading curriculum.  This week we are reading Mr. Putter and Tabby Pour the Tea.  (Gotta love Cynthia Rylant!)  The comprehension strategy for the story this week is story structure.  We are talking lots about the beginning, middle, and end of a story.  It is so important that the reader stops throughout the story to check for understanding.  Therefore, I have done lots of modeling of this strategy so far.  Anchor charts are great when working with the whole group, but students should eventually gain independence while reading.  

We have this story structure chart in our practice books, but they haven't came in yet.  I created this one you can download for free.  Click the picture to download it.  Enjoy!


Tell us a little something about you...

Hi! I am Tiffany, one of the three contributing teachers at The Lemonade Stand blog.  
  I have been married for 4 years to an amazing guy, Todd!  I love to travel, cook, shop, and decorate.  We have two dogs, Copper and Bentley. 

How long have you been teaching?

I am currently in my fourth year of teaching.  I taught third grade my first year, and then moved to second grade the following year.  Second grade, in my opinion, is the perfect grade!  I love it!  I have some fabulous colleagues who inspire and motivate me each and every day.

You might not know...

I absolutely L.O.V.E. to decorate!  And too much!  I am seriously a fanatic!!!  I think about it way too much and rearrange my house to a fault.  I am going to have to get a better-paying job to support my habit! Ha! I am contemplating doing a decorating blog if this one goes well.

What are you looking forward to this school year?

I have a really great class this year.  I have not had any major behavior problems this year, which is great!  They are really sweet!  I am also looking forward to starting this blog with my amazing colleagues.  These ladies have so many great ideas to share with you!

What do you need to improve? 

I do have a really sweet class, but they LOVE to TALK...ALL THE TIME!  It is taking a lot to hold my patience with them.  It is to the point that some of them aren't listening to or following directions.  It is only the third week of school, so maybe it will improve soon.  I am trying EVERYTHING!

What teaching supplies can you *not* live without?

Flair pens, markers of all kinds, glitter pens, chart paper, SMART board, iPad, post-its, and my Dr. Pepper.

Thanks for checking us out! 
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