Watermelon Day!!!

As many of you may know, Watermelon Day is celebrated in August.  We decided in 2nd grade to make this a "Fun Friday" reward.  Rayann picked up some watermelons at our local farmer's market, because they HAVE to have seeds. 

First, we estimated the weight of our watermelon.  We got everything from 50 pounds to thousands of pounds.  We gave them each some green paper and let them draw a watermelon and write their guess on the watermelon.

Next, we weighed each student and the watermelon.  If their weight was above that of the watermelon, their name went above.  If it was below, it went below the watermelon.  We totally were off on the weight of the watermelon!  I thought it weighed about 50 pounds, because it was SO heavy!  I think I need to work out!  It was only 19 pounds!

Then, they got to guess the circumference.  I let them cut a piece of yarn for their guess.  They then got to check their guess with the watermelon and yarn to see if it was too long, too short, or just right.  We graphed the results on chart paper.

We also made estimates of how many seeds were in the watermelon.  And then, the best part..eating the YUMMY watermelon outside!  You have to do it outside, because it gets messy!

Have the students put their seeds in a cup, because now it is time to count them.  We have them sort them into groups of 10 while counting.  We then compare our estimates with the actual number of seeds.  Afterwards, we made these cute watermelons with half of a paper plate, torn red and green construction paper, and our watermelon seeds. 

Rayann is the mastermind behind Watermelon Day.  She made this cute watermelon full of facts.

We also had students make a little book.  I am not sure where Rayann got it, but she read them the story Watermelon Day to start off our day.  To snag a FREEBIE copy of a juicy writing activity for your watermelon day, click the pic below! ENJOY and have a Happy Watermelon Day!

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