Where it all goes down.... My classroom

MY CLASSROOM: 1st grade
This is my Daily 5 board----- and my lift off to a great day poster....

Material for the board came from JoAnn Fabrics.....

I have a sink and cupboards this year... I decorated above the cupboards and cubbies with my favorite books and book friends.

I do all of my Calendar on the SMART board but... still want a Hard copy in the room.... Thisis also my spelling list, vocabulary list and language arts word wall for te week... after the week they get moved to the Word Wall up above.

Fabric that I used form JoAnn Fabrics.... Love the fall colors and the dots!

This is my common core wall.... where i can list all the standards and my focus question for the day in each subject. I used ribbons and anchored it with buttons---- Thanks to DEANNA JUMP for TPT Common core standards for 1st grade!!!!
My cubbies....

My room is a work in progress.... Tiffany Gannon ( Lemonade Stand Teacher) room post was soooo cute--- She has the nack for style and decorating...
Love ya girl!!! Check out her post  by clicking on the Where it all goes down Wednesday.
We'll keep updating our classoom pics soo.. check back soon!!
The Lemonade Stand Teachers

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