Flip It! Math Game

Ok... so today I had this epiphany!! I needed a great teacher table activity for helping students practice comparing numbers. ( you know... greater than, less than and between)  So... I went into my teacher closet and looked on my math manipulative shelf looking for an idea. And then it hit me!  I saw the six decks of  large print playing cards that I bought over the summer at the Dollar Store. That's when  icreated the game FLIP it!( so not totally taking credit---- but I did think of it for this purpose :)

I gave each student at the table a deck of cards.   They had to put the cards facedown and when I said FLIP IT! They had to flip one card over. Then three number cards were on the table. They had to tell me who had the greatest number, who had the lesser number and what number would fit between the two numbers.

If they drew a letter card they had to keep drawing until they flipped a number.

If two of the same number came up I would lay them on top of each other and they had to tell me a number that would fit between the two remaining numbers!!!

They loved this!! It was so fun. Check out the pictures.

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