Who Loves Candy Jars and Clipboards?

 Hey everybody! Just wanted to show off my new LOVE, Candy jars and clipboards! I had a very cute candy jar for my classroom. Did you notice the HAD... My student teaching experience was soooo AWESOME-- my co-operating teacher made me a candy jar for a gift at the end of it. I have used it ever since. I found out this summer that I had to MOVE from second grade ALL THE WAY down the hall to 1st grade!!! ( I miss my friends and second grade blog starters- the hall is too long!!) Sooo... back to my story...in the move my jar got broken by my best friend! How could I be mad.. she did drive 8 1/2 hours to help me move and re-set up my new classroom!!!! So I had to go searching for a new jar---- drum roll please... Here it is and it's soooo cute!!!! I love it. The funny thing is the same day I revealed my newPOWER PELLETS jar one my new friends' and first grade teacher got a jar form a student!!! SOOO>> I took pictures of both to show them off!!! Aren't they sooo cute?!! Thanks to my friend Emily and her mad cricut skills!!!

Oh and  she made my clipboard for me too---- LOVE the ribbons and polka dots!!!!

Have a Marvelous weekend---from the Lemonade Stand Teachers!!!!!


  1. What does the back of your clipboard say? I really love the jar and the clipboard. I must make one for myself

    1. It says Mrs. Holly on the back. Thanks for reading!

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