Teacher talk Tuesday

 This post is to join BLOG HOPPER'S TEACHER WEEK!!! It's teacher talk Tuesday! I love teacher talk!!! I love talking teacher to everyone I know!!! I have been teaching for three years in the public school and before that I taught preschool and infant/ toddlers. Soooo.... maybe I can give a little advice to some newbie teachers......

1. First don't take it personally when everyone refers to you as the NEWBIE. They don't mean it it, it just makes them feel superior to you for a whopping year!!! (Even if your ideas are better than theirs!!! haha!) They earned the right.... so....  suck it up and roll with it.

2. Next... become best friends with the custodial staff. They will find you anything you need and clean up after every mess and project in your classroom with a smile. They love teachers who are nice to them.... be that teacher!!

3. Pick your friends and do it carefully. The old additage: you are who you hang with ....IS TRUE! Surround yourself with the most positive people you can find. These people will have your back and will always make you look good.

4. COLLABORATE< COLLABORATE< COLLABORATE> It will be your life saver the first year. It will help lesson the load and give you the support you need to concour  the curriculum and the standards---- they'll help you with the format for your lesson plans and let you know what your principal expects.

and lastly........

5. HAVE FUN. Don't get wrapped up in all the STUFF and forget about what is important........ the students! They need a teacher who is stress free( or as little as possible---:)  If you don't like it don't be afraid to tweek it. Find things that your excited about ---- SMART baord lessons, creating new ways to teach the standards.... stay excited and they will too!!!
:) Holly Harwood

Good luck and Have a great year from The Lemonade Stand Teachers


  1. I love the advice of Have Fun...because if you don't love it teaching won't be fun. You gotta laugh often and let the kids see you doing it!!


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