I am playing catch-up on my visual plans.  I am actually posting two weeks worth of visual plans.  Last week, we were out of school for the whole week because of an ice storm.  {Yay for snow days!  Boo for ice!}   We will start with this week's plans.

My students this year are still having a bit of a hard time with main ideas and details, and this is a concept they HAVE to master!  So, we are trying Abby's Main Idea and Details unit.  It looks really great, so I am super excited about it!

We will also be incorporating activities from my unit that supplements the reading series.

We covered triple-digit subtraction with regrouping before we got our snow and ice vacation.  So, we will be reviewing it this week, as well as moving on to graphing and probability.  You can see links to the different activities we will be doing on my Math Pinterest board.

Our interactive math journals will be all about dental health this week.  You can check that out below.


These are my visual plans from the last week we were in school.

We did all of our President's Day learning that week.  I loved using Stephanie Stewart's President's Day unit.  It was so easy to implement and plan for!

Resources for math:


I didn't include centers in my plans, be we are currently using these below, as well as iPads, computers, and a fluency tub.

I will be working on the March Interactive Math Journal and get it posted this week.  

I am linking up with Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten, so be sure to drop by to check out some more visual plans!  Have a great week!

Amelia Bedelia is one of my favorite girls!  When we read her books, I just love how the kids crack up.  They get so excited in anticipation of what she's about to do next.  She is always mixing up the meaning of those multiple meaning words, much like our little ones can be prone to do.  So, it's always fun to put a humorous spin on the concept.

I always use Amelia Bedelia to teach the various multiple meaning words, such as homophones, homographs, and homonyms.    I always tell my students not to be an Amelia Bedelia, which they take to heart!  We covered homographs a couple of weeks ago and read an Amelia Bedelia book each day to get us warmed up.  We hunted through the text each day for multiple meaning words and especially for homographs.  Homographs are words that are spelled the same and sound the same but have different meanings.

Each day, we also had a fun little activity to go along with homographs after we read the story and went on our text hunt.

We had a variety of flap books.  They got to illustrate the two different meanings of each homograph inside the flaps, which they got really into.  I also had a blank one for them to choose their own homographs.  I displayed a list of homographs on the SMART board for them to refer to.  You could also have them write sentences using the words if you wanted.

We actually read the room first and then looked through books for more homographs another day.  This got them up and moving and generated some great conversation.

Anything involving a spinner is also fun!  Plus it included sentence dictation, which is always 

Finally, we played this board game with our table groups.  I forgot to take a picture of the puzzles they completed, too.  They cut apart puzzle pieces and gave them to a partner to put together.  Then, they checked each other's puzzles.

I displayed this visual reminder on the SMART board while they were working each day.  This and all of the above activities can be found in my mini homograph pack below.  

If you need some other grammar packs, check out the ones below that I have made so far.  I am currently working on more.  I like them because I include 5 activities per pack that can easily be incorporated into a weekly unit.  Plus, they require absolutely no prep!  I am all about easy print and go!



Valentine's Day is almost here!  We are about to get a head start on our valentines for parents.  I went ahead and made some models for my students to refer to during our craftivities.  They got so excited when they saw them.  They were all about these fun rockets!  Even the boys!  

I used a combination of construction and scrapbook paper for these.  I think pretty much any color would look great on the rockets.  I have included four options for messages that will actually go on the back of the rockets.  

My classroom has an owl theme.  Plus, my girls are owl CRAZY!  So, I had no choice but to include some owl valentines.  They'll be a great addition to a classroom door, too.


Finally, since they went wild over the penguins last week, we are going to mix winter with Valentine's Day with these cute little penguins.

You can click on any of the products above if you need a valentine craftivity for your little ones.  You can also see the valentine messages that go on the back.

Now, back to watching my favorite show, Fixer Upper.  I am obsessed!  If you don't watch, you have to start now!  It's on HGTV.  You can thank me later!  ;)

First off, let's talk about last week.  My little ones were all about some penguins!  

I love this main idea penguin from Emily Education!  She has some great supplemental packs for Journeys.

We used Penguin Chick as our primary text.  On day 3 of our close read, I always give them text dependent questions.  This week, they also got their little light finger trackers out.  I told them they had to shine the light on the text evidence before they could write their answer to the question.  

We also covered adjectives this past week.  We made this little anchor chart describing penguins.

Next, we did a directed drawing from First Grade Blue Skies.  They turned out super cute!  I gave them six labels to record six adjectives about penguins to add to their drawing.

This adjective sort and read the room are from my adjectives mini-pack.  

Now, for next week's plans.  We will be studying those cute little groundhogs in ELA.  The links to the resources from my plans can be found below the plans.



I am so excited to be starting my very own interactive math notebook!  I have been wanting to make these for the longest but just couldn't get around to it.  Each week is a different February theme and it's a spiral review of what we have already covered in second grade.  They can work on this independently while I pull groups to work on skills.  They will also have a word problem everyday related to our theme.  


I hope you have a great week!  We are hoping for snow tomorrow!   As always, I am linking up with Mrs. Wills.  Head on over to check out everyone else's visual plans.