Penguins, Owls, and Rockets {Valentine's Day Craftivities}

Valentine's Day is almost here!  We are about to get a head start on our valentines for parents.  I went ahead and made some models for my students to refer to during our craftivities.  They got so excited when they saw them.  They were all about these fun rockets!  Even the boys!  

I used a combination of construction and scrapbook paper for these.  I think pretty much any color would look great on the rockets.  I have included four options for messages that will actually go on the back of the rockets.  

My classroom has an owl theme.  Plus, my girls are owl CRAZY!  So, I had no choice but to include some owl valentines.  They'll be a great addition to a classroom door, too.


Finally, since they went wild over the penguins last week, we are going to mix winter with Valentine's Day with these cute little penguins.

You can click on any of the products above if you need a valentine craftivity for your little ones.  You can also see the valentine messages that go on the back.

Now, back to watching my favorite show, Fixer Upper.  I am obsessed!  If you don't watch, you have to start now!  It's on HGTV.  You can thank me later!  ;)

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