Peek at My Week!

I am playing catch-up on my visual plans.  I am actually posting two weeks worth of visual plans.  Last week, we were out of school for the whole week because of an ice storm.  {Yay for snow days!  Boo for ice!}   We will start with this week's plans.

My students this year are still having a bit of a hard time with main ideas and details, and this is a concept they HAVE to master!  So, we are trying Abby's Main Idea and Details unit.  It looks really great, so I am super excited about it!

We will also be incorporating activities from my unit that supplements the reading series.

We covered triple-digit subtraction with regrouping before we got our snow and ice vacation.  So, we will be reviewing it this week, as well as moving on to graphing and probability.  You can see links to the different activities we will be doing on my Math Pinterest board.

Our interactive math journals will be all about dental health this week.  You can check that out below.


These are my visual plans from the last week we were in school.

We did all of our President's Day learning that week.  I loved using Stephanie Stewart's President's Day unit.  It was so easy to implement and plan for!

Resources for math:


I didn't include centers in my plans, be we are currently using these below, as well as iPads, computers, and a fluency tub.

I will be working on the March Interactive Math Journal and get it posted this week.  

I am linking up with Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten, so be sure to drop by to check out some more visual plans!  Have a great week!


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