A Peek At My Week: Groundhog Style!

First off, let's talk about last week.  My little ones were all about some penguins!  

I love this main idea penguin from Emily Education!  She has some great supplemental packs for Journeys.

We used Penguin Chick as our primary text.  On day 3 of our close read, I always give them text dependent questions.  This week, they also got their little light finger trackers out.  I told them they had to shine the light on the text evidence before they could write their answer to the question.  

We also covered adjectives this past week.  We made this little anchor chart describing penguins.

Next, we did a directed drawing from First Grade Blue Skies.  They turned out super cute!  I gave them six labels to record six adjectives about penguins to add to their drawing.

This adjective sort and read the room are from my adjectives mini-pack.  

Now, for next week's plans.  We will be studying those cute little groundhogs in ELA.  The links to the resources from my plans can be found below the plans.



I am so excited to be starting my very own interactive math notebook!  I have been wanting to make these for the longest but just couldn't get around to it.  Each week is a different February theme and it's a spiral review of what we have already covered in second grade.  They can work on this independently while I pull groups to work on skills.  They will also have a word problem everyday related to our theme.  


I hope you have a great week!  We are hoping for snow tomorrow!   As always, I am linking up with Mrs. Wills.  Head on over to check out everyone else's visual plans.

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