I used to not look forward to teach inferencing, but since the blog world exploded with teaching blogs, I love it!  There are so many creative resources out there.  So, last week, we did a whole collection of them!  

We started out with the Mystery Box.  There was a spider inside, since we were going to be learning about spiders throughout the week.

I love Abby's Snow Day Inference Investigators packet.  I knew I had to do this more than once during the year, so I came up with my own Fall Break Case File.  We worked on it last week.  Here are some pics from the lesson.  {You should definitely pick up Abby's packet if you don't have it!}

We named some different fall break activities.

We made inferences.  

...and our timeline of events.

They absolutely loved it, and so did I!  I hope Abby can make some more of these.  They are just too much fun!  

We also did Cara's activity with No David!  She has a free printable HERE that we used.  I loved the anchor chart she made.  We had to have one, too.  I wish I was as creative as these ladies!

Then, I found this idea on Pinterest where the students put a small item in a bag and then make up clues about the object to share with their friends.  They have to infer what is in the bag based on the clues provided.  I just let them find something in the room and put it in the bag.  They then made up 4 clues to describe what was in the bag.  Finally, we all got a chance to guess what was in the bag.  This was a big hit!  I think we are going to do it again this week but I will let them bring an item from home.

You can download the clue recording sheet {HERE}.  I combined two sheets into one so they would fit on the bag nicely.  {That's 4 templates to a page.}

We also had parent teacher conferences this past week.  I wanted to share this little freebie with you.  I handed out hot cocoa and apple cider packets to the parents with these little labels.  You can grab them {HERE} if you would like!  

Now, to leave you with a little Halloween party fun.  I was a flapper.  The hubby is Willy Nelson.  I could not stop laughing at his hair!!!  Hilarious!  

Happy Halloween!!!
I went shopping at Green Hills in Nashville last week over fall break and went into the store Paper Source.  I had just never thought to go in there before.  I about died!  It was adorable!  You teachers would love it!  Anyway, they had this super cute owl garland, but it was a little more than I wanted to spend.  You can look at it {HERE}.  They had made each of them individual Halloween costumes with paper.  So if you are more ambitious than me, you should do it and let me know how it turns out!  

Since I am cheap, I just came up with my own owl garland for my door.

I downloaded Amy's free owl template and then used Halloween scrapbook paper, which is on sale now at Michael's.

I strung up some twine on my door with hot glue.  Then I picked up these teeny tiny clothespins at a craft store, and voila!  An owl garland!

Tomorrow is Friday!  Yay!  Happy teaching, sweet friends!

I don't know about you, but my students always have trouble with transitions.  I love this little group, but they can be slow!!!  I have to incorporate songs, chants, and timers ALL DAY LONG!  If I didn't we would never get anything done!!

I have compiled a short list of some great videos and songs I love to use to speed up our transitions when moving from one place to another.

This one is for making a circle.  I don't know why, but my students can make making a circle the most complicated task ever!  

I like that this one makes coming to the carpet super quick!

This one might be one of the most helpful with going back to their seats.

This is a quick clean up song.

I use this one in the afternoons when we are cleaning up and when centers are over.  Saying that they love it is an understatement!  We play Find It and Fix It which can be found on the Clutter-Free Classroom blog.  She is seriously a genius and my hero for coming up with this game!  It's changed my classroom life forever!  You have to do it!

Another carpet song...

When we are transitioning at desks, I always have students repeat to me what they are to take out or what page to turn to.  I also tell them they have to do it within 7 seconds to keep things moving.  I would love to hear what you all do to ensure those smooth transitions!

So, my littles are all about these two guys!

Even Steven and Odd Todd

They were excited to hear that my husband's name is Todd, so we've referred to him as that all week!  ;)

We refer to these anchor charts a lot.  We only spend a couple of days learning about even and odd numbers, because it is a concept you can refer to a lot to throughout the year.  We play a game everyday in morning meeting called secret number. 

We have an interactive hundreds chart on our SMART board.  The teacher picks the secret number and clues at the beginning of the year.  But we eventually get to the point of letting the students create the clues.  Here is an example of the clues.  As I give the clues, a student comes up and gets rid of the numbers they know cannot be the secret number.

1.  My number is greater than 40.
2.  My number is less than 80. 
3.  My number is even.
4.  The sum of the two digits is 13.
5.  You can make my number with 3 quarters and 1 penny.

What is my number?

They love this game.  And it hits many concepts each day.  The students have to write down the clues before morning meeting and have them teacher approved before they can lead the group in secret number.

I found this super cute video on Even Steven and Odd Todd, which we also watch sometimes in morning meeting to review even and odd.  The characters are different from the book, but it is still helpful and way fun!


This video is great, too!

My kiddos are all about the game SCOOT!  We love playing the addition and subtraction scoot that Mrs. H made.  I made one for even and odd numbers that you can grab {HERE} for free or by clicking on the pic below.  

We are currently enjoying our Fall Break!  So thrilled to sleep in!  Have a great week everyone!

Hi friends!  It's October already???!!!  I cannot believe it.  I just wanted to stop in to share our drawing conclusions activities.  

This is our anchor chart we referred to all last week.  

We pretended like we were detectives.  Here is one of my little conclusion detectives!  They were all about the badges.  They wore them to lunch and everywhere.  They thought they were real detectives and really bought into the whole thing!

I have a drawing conclusions packet, which is similar to my author's purpose packet.  You can check it out {HERE} or by clicking on the pic below.

This little booklet is a freebie in my store you can download {HERE} or by clicking on the pic above.

Here's a little sneak peak at our Harvest Festival decor in progress.  My mom has the camera card the pics are on.  I will post those soon.  Happy Monday!