Fall Break Inferencing

I used to not look forward to teach inferencing, but since the blog world exploded with teaching blogs, I love it!  There are so many creative resources out there.  So, last week, we did a whole collection of them!  

We started out with the Mystery Box.  There was a spider inside, since we were going to be learning about spiders throughout the week.

I love Abby's Snow Day Inference Investigators packet.  I knew I had to do this more than once during the year, so I came up with my own Fall Break Case File.  We worked on it last week.  Here are some pics from the lesson.  {You should definitely pick up Abby's packet if you don't have it!}

We named some different fall break activities.

We made inferences.  

...and our timeline of events.

They absolutely loved it, and so did I!  I hope Abby can make some more of these.  They are just too much fun!  

We also did Cara's activity with No David!  She has a free printable HERE that we used.  I loved the anchor chart she made.  We had to have one, too.  I wish I was as creative as these ladies!

Then, I found this idea on Pinterest where the students put a small item in a bag and then make up clues about the object to share with their friends.  They have to infer what is in the bag based on the clues provided.  I just let them find something in the room and put it in the bag.  They then made up 4 clues to describe what was in the bag.  Finally, we all got a chance to guess what was in the bag.  This was a big hit!  I think we are going to do it again this week but I will let them bring an item from home.

You can download the clue recording sheet {HERE}.  I combined two sheets into one so they would fit on the bag nicely.  {That's 4 templates to a page.}

We also had parent teacher conferences this past week.  I wanted to share this little freebie with you.  I handed out hot cocoa and apple cider packets to the parents with these little labels.  You can grab them {HERE} if you would like!  

Now, to leave you with a little Halloween party fun.  I was a flapper.  The hubby is Willy Nelson.  I could not stop laughing at his hair!!!  Hilarious!  

Happy Halloween!!!


  1. I love this! Will you be posting the fall break inferencing activity? I would love to use it!

  2. Thanks for sharing your "fall break" activities. I love inferences.


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