Drawing Conclusions

Hi friends!  It's October already???!!!  I cannot believe it.  I just wanted to stop in to share our drawing conclusions activities.  

This is our anchor chart we referred to all last week.  

We pretended like we were detectives.  Here is one of my little conclusion detectives!  They were all about the badges.  They wore them to lunch and everywhere.  They thought they were real detectives and really bought into the whole thing!

I have a drawing conclusions packet, which is similar to my author's purpose packet.  You can check it out {HERE} or by clicking on the pic below.

This little booklet is a freebie in my store you can download {HERE} or by clicking on the pic above.

Here's a little sneak peak at our Harvest Festival decor in progress.  My mom has the camera card the pics are on.  I will post those soon.  Happy Monday!


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