Even and Odd Numbers {FREEBIE}

So, my littles are all about these two guys!

Even Steven and Odd Todd

They were excited to hear that my husband's name is Todd, so we've referred to him as that all week!  ;)

We refer to these anchor charts a lot.  We only spend a couple of days learning about even and odd numbers, because it is a concept you can refer to a lot to throughout the year.  We play a game everyday in morning meeting called secret number. 

We have an interactive hundreds chart on our SMART board.  The teacher picks the secret number and clues at the beginning of the year.  But we eventually get to the point of letting the students create the clues.  Here is an example of the clues.  As I give the clues, a student comes up and gets rid of the numbers they know cannot be the secret number.

1.  My number is greater than 40.
2.  My number is less than 80. 
3.  My number is even.
4.  The sum of the two digits is 13.
5.  You can make my number with 3 quarters and 1 penny.

What is my number?

They love this game.  And it hits many concepts each day.  The students have to write down the clues before morning meeting and have them teacher approved before they can lead the group in secret number.

I found this super cute video on Even Steven and Odd Todd, which we also watch sometimes in morning meeting to review even and odd.  The characters are different from the book, but it is still helpful and way fun!


This video is great, too!

My kiddos are all about the game SCOOT!  We love playing the addition and subtraction scoot that Mrs. H made.  I made one for even and odd numbers that you can grab {HERE} for free or by clicking on the pic below.  

We are currently enjoying our Fall Break!  So thrilled to sleep in!  Have a great week everyone!


  1. Awesome! We are about to review odd and even numbers, this is perfect. :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac
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  2. Hi! I came upon your blog while looking for odd todd and even steven activities. You have such wonderful illustrations on your anchor charts! I am jealous of your artistic skills! Thanks for the scoot activity. Will definitely be using this with my first graders. :)

    I have become your newest follower! Hope you have a chance to visit my blog too!

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