The Fighting the Fire word work is up.  This week's focus is on sneaky e with the vowel a.


We are going to be making these guys, too.  I can't wait!  Super creative from First Grade Wow!

We have open house coming up this week.  It will be super busy!  So much to do!  Have a great week sweet friends!

It's finally Friday!!!  Hallelujah!  I am worn out!  My class this year is just awesome.  They have their little moments, but they're really good.  They work their little hearts out during writer's workshop.  It has been an adjustment for them, but they are getting the hang of it.  We are learning a lot about how to edit our writing and what to do when we think we are done.

The Lucy Calkins series has a saying for the students to recite when they think they're finished: "When I think I'm done, I've just begun!"  I'm pretty sure I repeat this 40 times a day!  They want to start a new piece so bad!  

I have taught them that when they have pulled themselves out from their writing, they are to pull themselves back in and do the following.

They are starting to get the hang of it, but we still need some more work on adding to our piece.  I hope you grab a copy and let me know how they work for you!  We are linking up one final day this week with Blog Hoppin'!  Head on over and get yourselves some freebies!  Have a great weekend!

These are my favorite posts to read on teacher week!  I love to get a peek into others' rooms!  I have actually already posted about my room.  You can check out the links to my classroom tours below!

Linking up with Blog Hoppin'!  Grab a latte and head on over and check out everyone's classrooms!

It's Tuesday and it's time for some tech tips!  We are linking up with Blog Hoppin' to share some of our favorite websites and videos.

Spelling City is a big deal for us!  It's a class favorite.  You can put your spelling list in and have students play games and take online spelling tests over those words.

We use Brain Pop Jr frequently as an attention grabber to introduce a lesson.  

As I have told you in previous posts, we use You Tube a lot.  It's blocked at our school, but we go through Gaggle Tube.  Here are some our our favs!

They Might Be Giants are great for science.  This one is about the Sun.

Speed and Velocity is so catchy!

The nonagon is just plain cute!  

Vowel bat is great to use now for those short vowels.

A cute little clock song where the kids match their clocks to the song.

We will be singing this one next week as I introduce sneaky e.  

There are so many more that I wish I could put on here but the post would be forever long!  Just search for Harry's Kindergarten and They Might Be Giants on You Tube and so many will come up.

Go on over to Blog Hoppin' to see everyone else's tips!
Happy Tech Tip Tuesday!

It's Teacher Week!  And we are linking up with Blog Hoppin'!

1.  I must have my Keurig in the mornings!  I don't know what I would do without it.  My day would be a hot mess!!!

I just discovered this, too!  It is AWESOME!  Get it and try!  Vanilla is my favorite but the mocha is good, too.

2.  My macbook pro is now my best friend!  I don't know how I made it before without it.  I will never go back to a pc.  I just love her soooo much!

3.  I need lots of chart paper and markers.

4.  I have to have a room I feel at home in since we spend so much of our time at school.

5.  I must have my other mac!  Mac makeup, that is!  This is totally on a personal note, but it lasts all day long.  I would be super scary without it!

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I was so excited when I saw that Kohl's was carrying the Skippyjon Jones series!  Who doesn't love this adorable little siamese cat!  

I think I am going to use him as a reward.  He will get to hang out with someone who is on task for the day and they can read to him.

We have curriculum and a video to use to teach our little ones about bullying.  It is way over my 2nd graders' heads.  When I found this book, I thought it would be perfect to use to teach about bullying.  It at least gets their attention!  So, I decided to create some other common core activities to use to go along with the book since they loved it so much.  

You can check it out {HERE} on TPT.  This is what all is included:

We launched our writer's workshop last week.  Rayann introduced me to the Lucy Calkins writer's workshop series.  So far, I L.O.V.E. it!  I love that there is a mini lesson each day with a script to follow since I am not confident in it yet.  And the kids are really getting into it.  I will be sure to share some ideas with you, along with some little freebies along the way.  Have a fabulous week!

I just wanted to share a little flap book freebie with you!  We are learning how to identify characters and setting in a story.  I made this little template for your little ones to paste to construction paper.  

Just click {HERE} or on the picture below to grab a copy.

You have to check out these books.  They are so great for the beginning of the year.  My kids love No Excuses!  Makes me cry every time!

I got the word work for Mr. Putter and Tabby up on TPT.  It covers short vowels e, o, and u.

Hello friends!  I just wanted to let you know the word work packet for David's New Friends is up.  {You have a few hours left to get it on sale tonight! ;)}  

The focus is on short vowels a and i.  It is packed full of activities to practice a and i.

 I hope everyone's week is going well.  We have started incorporating whole brain teaching and absolutely LOVE IT!!!  Thanks for pushing us to try it!  It's amazing and the kids love it, too.  I can't wait until I can get back into the routine of things and get them in my routine, too.  The beginning of the year is always so tiring!  I think I'm off to bed now!
My store will be 20% off August 12th and 13th for the TPT Back to School Sale!!  You can use the code below to receive an additional 10% off to make a total savings of 28%!  I know my wish list it too full!

Fourth grade common core posters have FINALLY been posted!  Sorry to those of you who have been waiting!  It's like they were not meant to be.  But they are up on TPT just in time for the Back to School sale.  

Here are some of my other favorite units in my store.

comprehension packets



thematic units


test prep

some of my newest word work units for Treasures 2nd grade {can be used with any reading series!!}


This one accompanies the story David's New Friends.   


This one goes great with the Smart Start unit.

I hope y'all have fun shopping this weekend!!!

I found the coolest stuff this summer! It's called shaving cream paint!! Check out the pictures ....

They used the book my many colored days! It's a great year starter!!!

You can find this paint at discount school supply! So fun...
Have a great day!
The Lemonade Stand Teachers
I hope you all are having a great week!  We had our 2nd full day of school today and I just love my class!  I am really excited about this year!  

I wanted to continue my little classroom tour.

I made this welcome banner to hang above my whiteboard at the front of the room.  You can grab it {HERE} for free.  I printed them on card stock, laminated them, and then hot glued them to some pink ribbon.

my voice chart

My spelling and vocabulary words go in the pocket chart.  This little table holds the finished work and homework baskets.  I do a homework packet at the beginning of the week.  They have all week to finish it.  They can do it all in one night or spread it out over the week.

This is my classroom library area.  The little rugs are from Target in the dollar spot section.  I think they were $2.50 apiece.  

I organize my stations and small groups in this pocket chart.  It's just what has always worked for me.  My Bravo board for small groups is at the bottom.  The first group with 5 tallies goes to the prize bucket.

my common core standards tree

I plan on doing a classroom door tour for those of you who are looking for door decorating ideas.  There are some super cute ones around our school.  

Only two more days!  We can do this!  Thanks for stopping by!!!