My Classroom {Part 1}

Welcome to my room!

I took these pictures after registration today, so parts of my room are a little out of sorts.

My computer area is back here with the word wall, which I moved from the other side of the room.  I put the websites they may visit in the blue pocket chart.  My student mailboxes are back here along with all of my paper.

My student cubbies are in the back corner.  I keep my comprehension packets, word work packets, and workbooks back here in the baskets.  The baskets are from the Dollar Tree.

I'm sure you've seen these cute transportation clip charts on Pinterest.  I made my own to go with our bus schedule.  

This is my phonics board where I will post my weekly phonics anchor charts.  My leveled readers are in the baskets.  The wire shelf is wrapped in a plastic tablecloth from Walmart.  I just doubled up the tablecloth, and then scrunched as I went along the top with hot glue.  Super easy and cheap!

The chair!  I am sooo excited about it!  I got the idea from this pin.  The pillow is from Hobby Lobby.

My desk area is up front in the corner.

I keep all of my stations in these baskets for each group to just grab.  It works for me since we don't have enough space in our rooms for specified center areas.  The baskets are on top are for my assistant. They're labeled to be laminated, copied, or filed.  That way I don't have to stop teaching to let her know what I need done.

This is what I had waiting on the little ones' desk when they came in.  I got the to-do list idea from Cara Carroll.  The parents filled out a little transportation form.  All of the other paperwork is in their OWL folder.  

I always make extras at the beginning of the year for new students who come in.  I also put a name plate in there just to be prepared.

I have students sort their own supplies.  {I learned that the hard way my first year!}  I have a list of what goes where on their desk.  But you always have those who can't read it very well.  So, I made this anchor chart for what is to go in their desks.  They sort everything else at the front of the room into labeled baskets and bins.  

That is it for now!  I have reached picture overload.  I will share more soon!  Have a fantastic weekend!!!


  1. The chair is fabulous and the in your desk chart is great idea to foster independence and responsibility!

    The Resourceful Apple

  2. The room looks great! I love the theme and that chair is just the CUTEST!!


  3. Oh my gosh this looks great!! I can't wait to get my room put together!!
    BakingCraftingTeaching Oh My!

  4. Your room is amazing!!!! I love those chairs too!

    Where did you get the plastic folders that are labeled keep at home, etc.?

  5. I love your transportation signs! My school also calls the buses by color. Is there any way you can share it on TpT?
    Also, your room looks great :) It is so colorful and welcoming.

  6. I love the OWL folder- I am actually doing the same theme (polka dots + owls). Where did you find that awesome OWL folder insert? Or did you create it (because if so kudos to you, girl! Will you please share?!)? hehehe My goodness school is right around the corner. Either way good look and I hope my room looks HALF as FABULOUS as yours :] Katie (If you get a chance- check out my blog --> )

  7. I LOVE your room!! It is just precious and the chair is great!! It looks like all you need now are some eager students!!!

  8. Just came across this through Pinterest - do you have information on what you keep in your center tubs? I love the organization of them!!

  9. I love the owls. What kind of paint did you use on the chair? I have to do it for my room!

  10. Hi what do you use to put things on those type of walls? I just moved into a room that has those types of walls. Thank you


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