My Classroom {Part 2} and a FREEBIE!!!

I hope you all are having a great week!  We had our 2nd full day of school today and I just love my class!  I am really excited about this year!  

I wanted to continue my little classroom tour.

I made this welcome banner to hang above my whiteboard at the front of the room.  You can grab it {HERE} for free.  I printed them on card stock, laminated them, and then hot glued them to some pink ribbon.

my voice chart

My spelling and vocabulary words go in the pocket chart.  This little table holds the finished work and homework baskets.  I do a homework packet at the beginning of the week.  They have all week to finish it.  They can do it all in one night or spread it out over the week.

This is my classroom library area.  The little rugs are from Target in the dollar spot section.  I think they were $2.50 apiece.  

I organize my stations and small groups in this pocket chart.  It's just what has always worked for me.  My Bravo board for small groups is at the bottom.  The first group with 5 tallies goes to the prize bucket.

my common core standards tree

I plan on doing a classroom door tour for those of you who are looking for door decorating ideas.  There are some super cute ones around our school.  

Only two more days!  We can do this!  Thanks for stopping by!!!


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