November Morning Meeting SMART board Lesson

I love FALL! I love morning meeting and so I felt like sharing! As I have just finished this months SMART boeard Morning Meeting I thought I would share with you what we do for Morning Meeting. it is for this month... I change it monthly to go with the theme... and the skills we are covering for the month... lately I've been changing it weekly to include the word family... or phonics, letter, or grammar skill we need to review. I also want ot let you know I choose one song per slide a day.... or we'd be there all day... but it keeps the kids wanting more...

Happy November....The Lemonade Stand Teachers 
Have any of you EVER felt like this????!!!!

So.... the funny part is I came into work after being in my room three days during my fall break and this was sitting in my chair!!! Noone is claiming this little joke either!!!! I laughed until I almost wet myslef!!! Soooo... if the person who set this up is reading this post....I am truely laughing  myself silly about it!!!
This little funny has inspired me to blog about my SKELETON activity that I did for our FALLOWEEN rotation.( YES, I DID SPELL IT RIGHT!!) Falloween was a combination of fall and halloween acitivities that we did for a whole day before we went on fall break. It was so fun.

This is my whiteboard and book display and the skeleton we made.

Each student got a bag of bones--- 18 Q tips 6 cut in half, a 1/2 sheet of black cardstock, and a head bone(on the SMART board lesson).
They concentrated so hard on this and they turned out sooooo cute!

Here is my SMART board file for a FUN FALLOWEEN FREEBIE!!!! Hope you like it as much as my students did!!!
Happy Halloween from the Lemonade Stand Teachers

Just dropping by to offer you all this little freebie!  We are on fall break this week, so I am making this short and sweet.  This game would be great for reading centers or even whole group.  It is played like "20 questions, " and is wonderful for teaching students how to make inferences.  Just click the pic below to grab yourself a copy!  Enjoy!

I posted yesterday about my new obsession with OWLS and how it started....SO.. hear is a better picture of my door.  

The ground is starting to fall off... but isn't it sooo cute?!

This is MY STAN the owl. He watches over our classroom. Everytime the kids see him...He is showing us what we are learning...AKA. the standards!!

Here's a better look at him. Perched up high...looking down on our class.

This is Tiffany's little cutie. He is perched right next to her Standards board.

This is Rayann's Stan. She thought our OWLS were to lifelike and a little creepy(heheee)... so, she opted for this super cute WISE owl to watch over her class.

This is Ms. Alysia's Kindergarten OWL.

Super cute... and way brilliant.. She put him on a glitter stick and points to everything they are learning!!!!

STAN is the MAN in my book. The kids look for him and love to know what he is teaching them.

Happy Fall Y'all    The Lemonade Stand Teachers
OWLS are my new favorite! I decorated my door with these CUTIES. There's a Big OWL for me and the door looks like a tree.

We were very stumped about how to get our students excited about spelling tests and good I came up with this display in the hallway. Of course it's still using OWLS!! Observe, Wonder and Learn!

I have a cute little OWL house off to the side with all the owls. When they take their spelling tests and get a 100 their OWL gets put up on the SUPER SPELLERS board!!

This board is for the behavior most sought after.....respectful, responsible and prepared. The best thing THIS TOPPER CAME FROM THE $ STORE!!! I used old newspapers that I laminated. I add certificates for those who display AMAZING character!

WHOOOOOO doesn't love WISE work from their kids?! ONLY THE BEST goes here!!

I even changed out my job chart because I found these SUPER CUTE owls. The little houses are sooo fun and sweet. I made the tree out of ripped up construction paper!!
Now, I walk down the hall and into my room and I feel like FALL is HERE!

Happy Fall.......Y'ALL!!

All of this OWL stuff started when we were trying to figure out how to help students really comprehend STANDARDS!! So my son came home and told me about STAN. STAN is a new friend in his room. He helps them know what they are learning that day. AND he's an OWL.
SOOO.... I pitched the idea and the staff loved it too!!! I went ot MICHAEL's and got myslef an OWL!!
He's sooo cute... HE watches over the room and right over the CORE CURRICULUM and all the lessons that I make have a picture of an owl right near the focus question and the standard we will be covering.
The students love seeing him and they ask about him all the time. When they see him on the lesson they know he's there to tell us what we are learning that day!! Love it....use it .....share it.....

OK.. I'll post a pic of my STAN and Some of the other Staff's OWLS too.... tomorrow.....LOOK for it right here on The Lemonade Stand.......sorry I left my camera at school...oops!!! Holly
Hello friends!  I wanted to share a super cute lesson Mrs. Emily did with my class yesterday.  Her lesson was all about noisy poems.  These poems are really great for a reluctant writer.  They had so much fun creating their own!  Mrs. Emily started the lesson by being noisy herself; she ran in the room wearing her witch hat and screaming!  They were scared to death!  It was hilarious and really got their attention!

I love how she incorporated Halloween into the lesson.  They are all about some Halloween!

She had several examples of noisy Halloween poems to share with them.

They made a list of sounds these spooky characters make.

She made this web, and then they chose their own topic and created their own web to organize their ideas.

Finally, they got to share their very own noisy poems. 

They absolutely loved this!  I really encourage you to try it.  Let me know if you do or if you do anything different with noisy poems.

On a separate note, I have had trouble getting the firefigher template for y'all.  I tried creating it on the computer, but it just looked ridiculous.  I actually just drew the original template.  It was really simple.  If anyone has any advice on how to do it on the computer, please let me know.  I am so sorry for the huge delay.  Andi at Pencils, Glue, and Tying Shoes also created a template, so I am hoping she will share hers, too!  Hers was way cuter!  I actually was inspired by Abby's Pirate Mark, so I was also checking with her to see if it is okay to share this {You should buy that unit, if you don't already have it!  Super fun!}.  Sorry, again everyone!  Have a great week! 

For the past two weeks, our comprehension strategy has been sequencing.  I had my two lowest small reading groups complete this little activity using time order words.

We also made these little booklets using our weekly story: A Trip to the Emergency Room.  I found this idea on Pinterest.

I also cut out these sweet little clipboards to go along with the emergency room theme.  They wrote the sequence of events on each clipboard and then put them on some yarn.  As we read the story, they moved the clipboard when that event happened.  I think using these, along with the booklet, really helped them on their comprehension test yesterday.

It also worked out that we were studying life cycles.  We did these two butterfly activities this week, too.  {These were Rayann's ideas...super cute!}

I hope all you sweet friends have a fabulous weekend! 

~Tiffany @ The Lemonade Stand
I love FALL activities!!! Here is one we did with our first graders! The pictures turned out sooooo sweet. 


 So funny... each students' personality came out for this project!!

 Each student had to re-write the poem of the month. It was called Fall Leaves. I have included a close up of the poem and the book I used to get the idea.
We took pictures of each student with a leaf on their head.
After they wrote their poem they got leaves that the poem talked about.....1 orange, 2 brown, 3 yellow, 3 green, 2 red. They placed the leaves all over the matted poem.

We studied this poem in morning meeting. We used math, sight words, rhyming, patterns and fluency!! All with one poem!!! They love it and I can hear them saying it to themselves all the time!!!Crystal Springs Book
SO go get this book!!! Each poem is loaded with great ideas and even ones that you can add your own special touches to ( this idea was my own)!!!
Happy Fall from Holly ONE of the Lemonade Stand Teachers