OWLS are my new favorite! I decorated my door with these CUTIES. There's a Big OWL for me and the door looks like a tree.

We were very stumped about how to get our students excited about spelling tests and good behavior....so I came up with this display in the hallway. Of course it's still using OWLS!! Observe, Wonder and Learn!

I have a cute little OWL house off to the side with all the owls. When they take their spelling tests and get a 100 their OWL gets put up on the SUPER SPELLERS board!!

This board is for the behavior most sought after.....respectful, responsible and prepared. The best thing THIS TOPPER CAME FROM THE $ STORE!!! I used old newspapers that I laminated. I add certificates for those who display AMAZING character!

WHOOOOOO doesn't love WISE work from their kids?! ONLY THE BEST goes here!!

I even changed out my job chart because I found these SUPER CUTE owls. The little houses are sooo fun and sweet. I made the tree out of ripped up construction paper!!
Now, I walk down the hall and into my room and I feel like FALL is HERE!

Happy Fall.......Y'ALL!!

All of this OWL stuff started when we were trying to figure out how to help students really comprehend STANDARDS!! So my son came home and told me about STAN. STAN is a new friend in his room. He helps them know what they are learning that day. AND he's an OWL.
SOOO.... I pitched the idea and the staff loved it too!!! I went ot MICHAEL's and got myslef an OWL!!
He's sooo cute... HE watches over the room and right over the CORE CURRICULUM and all the lessons that I make have a picture of an owl right near the focus question and the standard we will be covering.
The students love seeing him and they ask about him all the time. When they see him on the lesson they know he's there to tell us what we are learning that day!! Love it....use it .....share it.....

OK.. I'll post a pic of my STAN and Some of the other Staff's OWLS too.... tomorrow.....LOOK for it right here on The Lemonade Stand.......sorry I left my camera at school...oops!!! Holly

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