Noisy Poems

Hello friends!  I wanted to share a super cute lesson Mrs. Emily did with my class yesterday.  Her lesson was all about noisy poems.  These poems are really great for a reluctant writer.  They had so much fun creating their own!  Mrs. Emily started the lesson by being noisy herself; she ran in the room wearing her witch hat and screaming!  They were scared to death!  It was hilarious and really got their attention!

I love how she incorporated Halloween into the lesson.  They are all about some Halloween!

She had several examples of noisy Halloween poems to share with them.

They made a list of sounds these spooky characters make.

She made this web, and then they chose their own topic and created their own web to organize their ideas.

Finally, they got to share their very own noisy poems. 

They absolutely loved this!  I really encourage you to try it.  Let me know if you do or if you do anything different with noisy poems.

On a separate note, I have had trouble getting the firefigher template for y'all.  I tried creating it on the computer, but it just looked ridiculous.  I actually just drew the original template.  It was really simple.  If anyone has any advice on how to do it on the computer, please let me know.  I am so sorry for the huge delay.  Andi at Pencils, Glue, and Tying Shoes also created a template, so I am hoping she will share hers, too!  Hers was way cuter!  I actually was inspired by Abby's Pirate Mark, so I was also checking with her to see if it is okay to share this {You should buy that unit, if you don't already have it!  Super fun!}.  Sorry, again everyone!  Have a great week! 

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