Have any of you EVER felt like this????!!!!

So.... the funny part is I came into work after being in my room three days during my fall break and this was sitting in my chair!!! Noone is claiming this little joke either!!!! I laughed until I almost wet myslef!!! Soooo... if the person who set this up is reading this post....I am truely laughing  myself silly about it!!!
This little funny has inspired me to blog about my SKELETON activity that I did for our FALLOWEEN rotation.( YES, I DID SPELL IT RIGHT!!) Falloween was a combination of fall and halloween acitivities that we did for a whole day before we went on fall break. It was so fun.

This is my whiteboard and book display and the skeleton we made.

Each student got a bag of bones--- 18 Q tips 6 cut in half, a 1/2 sheet of black cardstock, and a head bone(on the SMART board lesson).
They concentrated so hard on this and they turned out sooooo cute!

Here is my SMART board file for a FUN FALLOWEEN FREEBIE!!!! Hope you like it as much as my students did!!!
Happy Halloween from the Lemonade Stand Teachers

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