December Digital Interactive Read Aloud Lessons


Do you need a way to teach your read aloud remotely?  These digital read aloud lessons that are used with Google Slides TM will help you do just that.  I have taken my First Grade IRA Bundle and converted them into ready-to-go lessons that can be used with your virtual learners.  Each week contains five lessons that follow the same format each day.  The activities for each day vary based on the standard, and each daily task builds up to a final culminating task that is used for assessment of the focus standard.  I have made these so that they are super engaging for your students, and I hope they get your students excited for the holidays!  The stories used are Ada Twist Scientist, The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School, and The Polar Express.

Each lesson follows the following format:

-Daily Agenda (gives students an outline of your lesson and sets up the flow)
-Brain Warm-Up (learning or themed video embedded)
-Learning Goal
-Success Criteria
-Learning Posters for Standards or Skills
-Vocabulary (definition, sentence, illustration, and daily student task)
-Read Aloud (story embedded, teacher instructions, and text-dependent questions to ask)
-Independent Practice (standards-based daily task in which students responds to the text)
-Exit Ticket
-Wrap It Up (close your lesson and tie it to tomorrow's lesson)
-Student Self-Assessment

The first week uses the book Ada Twist, Scientist by Andrea Beaty.  Ada is a very curious child and loves to ask questions.  That makes this the perfect book for practicing asking and answering questions about key details in a text.  

The independent practice slides can be assigned to your students.  They are editable, so students can type their responses and submit their work back to you.  On day one, student use text evidence to answer a question about the text.

You can see below the independent practice for the rest of the week.  There is also a multiple choice assessment on Friday.

Students can also complete an exit ticket and self assessment each day to give you feedback on how they are doing with that standard.

This story is so fun!  It was a challenge to think about how I would incorporate the gingerbread man scavenger hunt that we do all over the school while learning remotely.  I think I figured out how to make it work, but you guys are so creative and probably can make it even more fun!  We use this text to practice retelling a story.

I incorporated cause and effect into these lessons, because it's an important relationship for students to understand when reading.  

On day two, we retell the part of the story where the class makes the gingerbread cookies.  I like to make these with my class and turn them into ornaments.  This is a great way to incorporate how to writing into your lesson.

On day four is the scavenger hunt.  You can pretend that you had the gingerbread cookies you made go missing!  In the classroom, I would have some store bought ones that I had told them we were going to eat on Friday.  You may need to come up with a different story if you are doing distance learning.  Students will make predictions as to where they think the cookies are.  You will then read clues to them.  After each clue, they have to guess where in the school they think they are by making inferences.  Afterwards, they will record their thinking.  This follows the same events as the story, so it should help them with the retell the following day.

First grade Christmas digital read aloud for google slides TM

By day five, they are ready to retell the story.  I use this and the assessment for grades on that standard.

First grade Christmas digital read aloud for google slides TM

You will also get exit tickets and self-assessments for each lesson.

First grade Christmas digital read aloud for google slides TM

Finally, I saved the best story for last!  The Polar Express is a kid favorite!  We practice how to describe characters, setting, and major events of a story using key details with this text.  I tried to break down the tasks for each day to something simple, because we know that week before a holiday break is tough.  I wanted it to be beneficial, but at the same time not overwhelming.  You will focus on describing characters, setting, beginning events, middle events, and ending events one at a time each day.

First grade Christmas digital read aloud for google slides TM

First grade Christmas digital read aloud for google slides TM

First grade Christmas digital read aloud for google slides TM

First grade Christmas digital read aloud for google slides TM

First grade Christmas digital read aloud for google slides TM

First grade Christmas digital read aloud for google slides TM

First grade Christmas digital read aloud for google slides TM

I sell these separately, in a digital bundle, and included with the printable December version.  I tried to post them that way to fit everyone's changing needs.  Thank you so much for the feedback on these lessons!  My goal was to give you a resource that you could easily implement in your online instruction that will be engaging and cover your grade level standards.  I hope they are helping you and your students!  Merry Christmas!


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