Bone Soup | Recounting a Folktale Interactive Read Aloud (Distance Learning)


The recounting stories standards has a lot packed into that one standard!  Students have to recount not only stories, but fables and folktales, as well.  October is a great month to cover those while also bringing in point of view and comparing and contrasting two or more versions of the same story.  You can check out the whole October unit HERE.  The last week of October is all about Bone Soup, a fun Halloween version of the folktale Stone Soup.  We focus this week on recounting a folktale, but also compare and contrast the two versions.   We will look at the printable version, and discuss the digital Google Slides TM version, as well.

The way that I construct my interactive read aloud lessons is to make them super easy to print and prep.  The week before, I print the sticky note text dependent questions, the lessons plans, and the daily tasks.  The daily tasks are all numbered for easy sorting into your daily bins.  I am able to be ready and organized for the following week in no time at all.  The digital version will also take care of lesson planning for you with little to no prep.

The lesson plans include a mini lesson, questions to ask, a daily task, and an exit ticket.

The posters are so fun for Halloween week and are great references for your students during the lesson and the daily task.  A digital version is also included in the Google Slides.

This anchor chart can be printed as a poster and used with the story or any other folktale that you may use in your text set that week.

These cards are displayed on the board in your classroom.  The digital version contains the word, an illustration, a kid-friendly definition, and a sentence.  There is also a simple daily task for the students to complete each day.

On day one, we read Stone Soup.  We use this story to practice recounting a folktale together.  You can also see the assessment in the photo above that we complete on Friday.  

On day two, we compare and contrast the two versions using a Venn diagram.  On days three and four, we focus on story elements, such as characters, setting, problem, and solution.  By Friday, they are ready to recount or retell the story on their own.  Students will get to make their own Bone Soup craft while retelling the story.  After completion of this culminating task, I would also have them retell it to a partner.  All of these tasks are also in the Google Slides TM version.  They can be assigned to students and returned back to your for feedback.

I hope you love Bone Soup as much as I do!  Be on the lookout for a Bone Soup Halloween Party Pack coming soon!


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