Classroom Management Songs and Chants

classroom management songs and chants

I posted about these songs about a year ago on my Instagram feed and so many of you asked if I would be putting these in my TPT shop to sell.  At the time, we had only written three, and I just didn't feel like that was enough to make a whole resource with.  Since then, I have been working on writing new transition songs that are sung to some of our kids' favorite tunes!  Singing during transitions makes moving from one thing to another almost seamless.  Songs and chants keep students engaged, focused, and excited to learn, which in turn will save valuable instruction time.
Most of the songs included are parodies of popular songs all kids will know.  The words have been changed to help students transition in a positive manner.  

classroom management songs and chants

I printed the songs on cardstock and laminated them.  I used a binder ring to attach the set together to hang on my board for easy access.  There are also three different color options included. :)

classroom management songs and chants

Some of the songs might take lots of practice to get down!  But don't give up!  After you sing it over and over, you will eventually get it.  Lol!  You will sing them to the tune of the chorus from the songs.  Some of these parodies are straight from my students.  I asked them what songs they wanted me to write transition songs for, and these are what we came up with.  This group in particular had difficulty this year with transitions because they were all best of friends and LOVED to talk, which in turn got them distracted.  We were losing valuable time trying to get refocused.  Once I introduced a song or chant for them to do while transitioning, the difference was crazy!  It keeps your learning environment positive, too, which is super important.

classroom management songs and chants

You can check out the resource by clicking HERE or on any of the images in the post.  Let me know how your students do with these songs!  I love your feedback!  Happy transitioning!

classroom management songs and chants


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