Construction Classroom Transformation

Welcome to the 2D Shape Construction Zone!  We had so much fun transforming our first grade classrooms this past week to compose 2D shapes.  We have eight teachers on our team, and we each plan a different subject.  My teammate, Stacey Duffee, came up with all of the ideas you see here!  I am just going to show you what she came up with.  If one has an idea, we all jump on board!  I love that everyone on our team is willing to try new things and supports one another.  We are trying to transform our classrooms once a month, and this theme lent itself well to composing 2D shapes with other 2D shapes.  We use Magic of Math as our whole group math curriculum.  So, we just used their activities within the construction theme.  

It took us about an hour after school to decorate our rooms and the hallway.  We all jump in and help each other get it done.  It goes so much faster that way.  We all put this banner on our doors.  We also had signs on the lockers.

Each table contained hard hats, cones, and caution tape.  I covered my tables with craft paper.  I will put links to all of the items at the end of the post.  The best part of it all was that almost everything was donated by parents.  Their kids are going home and telling them about our room transformations, and they have been so supportive about it.  We just send out a Dojo message letting them know about an upcoming theme, a screenshot of what we need, and they are happy to help.  

Each student had their own vest to wear, too.  We got adult-sized vests, because they were a lot cheaper.  They were super cute on!  The kids love dressing up!

The hats were plastic and kid-sized, so mine wouldn't fit on my head.  So, you might want to order your own separate adult-sized hat.  lol

I put these signs all around the room.

This is our first grade team, minus one.  One the first day, we greeted the students at the beginning of our hallway.  We like to surprise them!  We hung these tablecloths from the ceiling and borrowed the cones from our custodians.  It was a great entrance and photo backdrop!  

We kept the construction theme all week during our unit.  

The construction theme can be used for all sorts of concepts!  You could do building words or constructing a certain type of paragraph.  Compound words would be fun!  There are so many possibilities!  Have you done a construction theme?  I would love to hear about it!  Here are some affiliate links below to all of the items we used!

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