Teacher Talk YouTube Channel and Periscope

Hey there!  I am so excited about something fun we have going on!  Three of my besties and I have teamed up to form a collaborative Periscope and YouTube Channel to talk all things teaching.  We have taught together for years, and we want to share the good, the bad, and the funny that has happened to us during our time teaching together.  We are now at different schools, except for Holly and I, but our friendship has only grown stronger!  We are here to chat, share, and just vent about all that goes on in our classrooms!

We have been periscoping for a little while now.  We try to scope every Friday, but as you can imagine, sometimes it's hard to get together with crazy schedules.  We are planning on scoping this Friday from Rayann's first grade classroom.  She is an AMAZING teacher, and I can't wait to see what she has to share!  Two weeks ago, we got to see Alysia's adorable library and last Friday we had a little snow day fun at a local coffee shop chatting all about Class Dojo.  You can subsribe to our Periscope so that you don't miss out on all the fun!  You can find us @teachertalk4.

We are super excited that Holly has launched our YouTube Channel, too!  Right now, we have three vidoes posted taking you through all the details of team teaching.  We get real about the ups and downs of it, as well as how it all comes together.  We have another video in the works of how we teach letter sounds to our kindergarteners.  Be sure to subscribe to our channel!  You don't want to miss this crazy effective strategy!  It blew me away!

You can find each of the videos below.  Excuse my raspy, southern voice.  I had a cold at the time.  ;) Our amazing Holly Harwood put these together!  

We hope you join us on our teaching journey!  We have more exciting things planned for you up our sleeves!  Be sure to chime in on Periscope and feel free to ask questions on our YouTube videos.  We will get back to you with anything you want to know.  Happy teaching!!!


  1. I love your teacher talks! You guys didn't tell me about that! Want to relive the retreat? You're in the post :) http://www.kidpeopleclassroom.com/2016/03/fun-at-blogger-retreat.html So nice meeting you all. I'm a follower! See you around. Kathleen

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