A Peek At My Week: New Year

Winter Break has come to an end.  We head back tomorrow, and I feel like it's always a chance to restart the year.  I use the first day back to go over rules and expectations, as well as to set goals for the upcoming semester.  It usually takes a little time for students to get back into the routine, so I have rounded up a couple of ideas to help you and your students ease back into the schedule.

I love Amy Lemons's New Year's Fun pack.  She has some cute craftivities, as well as this fun countdown.  It's used as a behavior incentive for the students.  Each hour, if students had great behavior, you open up a bag.  I picked these bags up from the Target Dollar Spot.  There were 8 in a pack for $3.

I definitely think you should hurry over and get this pack for this week!  It has always been a student favorite!

I like to pick up party hats on clearance each year for a little table competition.  Every thirty minutes I choose a table that exhibited the best behavior, manners, work ethic, etc.  That table gets to wear party hats for thirty minutes before I choose another one.  They're either paper or plastic so I don't worry about the spread of anything. ;)  They love wearing the hats!

These are my plans from last year in second grade.  You can read more about them HERE.

I incorporated clocks and time into our first week back.   The first day, I assigned each student a time during our day and had to illustrate and write a sentence explaining what we do at that time.  I turned it into a banner to hang with our other craftivities.

Students partnered up and played sparkling spinners together.

We also did some I Spy around the room, a flapbook, and a matching activity of analog and dialog clocks.


Another fun thing you can do with your class is to make a time capsule.  I picked this box up from the Sugar Paper line at Target.  

Students filled out the questionnaire, put it in the box, and we put it away until the end of the year.  It's fun for them to look at it the last week of school to see if their choices have changed.  

We also made these fun little craftivities to go along with our study.

This year, I am in kindergarten, so my plans are super different.  I am really depending a lot on Deanna and DeeDee's math and reading units.  They have been great for planning and instruction purposes! 

I am linking up with Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten this week.  Be sure to head on over to check out everyone else's plans, too!  Have a great week!

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