Peek at My Week

It's time to share what we have been up to this past week and our plans for this upcoming week!

Last week was all about dogs and author's purpose.  We made these sweet little dogs to go with our anchor text. I'll let the rest of the pictures do the talking. ;)


The posters and printables below came from this pack.

We went through our author's purpose checklist to determine why the author wrote the anchor text.

We started learning about sneaky e in spelling last week.  We made these sneaky e puppets to get the kids excited about long vowels.  They loved quizzing their sneaky e puppets at the end of the week on the words before the spelling test.  The original sneaky e can be found here.

We are loving these Interactive Journals in math by the fabulous Reagan Tunstall!

Here are our centers from this past week, which are also the same for this upcoming week.  I use the same centers for two weeks so I don't have to change them out so much.  

Here are this week's plans!

Have a great week!


  1. Adorable pups! Do you have a pattern for them?

  2. Yes! Do you have a pattern in your TPT store?!?

  3. My scanner is giving me problems, but let me keep working on it and I'll get the template uploaded. Sorry!

  4. Have you uploaded the pups pattern for author's purpose? I brought your author's purpose packet, but did not see the pattern or response sheet... Thank you!!! The lesson is adorable :))

  5. Do you have a pattern for your puppy?? Thanks!


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