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Just dropping in with a quick little classroom management tip and freebies.  When students come back to school from summer vacation, it seems staying on task can be a bit of an issue.  This year, I decided to have a reward planned for each day.  

My classroom has an owl theme, so that's what I went with.  I went to the Dollar Tree and got some prizes I thought they would like, along with a basket and some paper filler. 

All day, I remind them about the on task owl basket.  Whoever has done a great job staying on task at the end of the day gets the basket.  And they want that basket so bad!  I try to put about three prizes in the basket.  So far, it has really worked.  But as you know, you have to change the reward pretty often.  

You can download the owl printable for FREE above for your very own basket.
{graphics by Teaching Special Thinkers}

I will also be using the crazy straw labels again this year.  I have updated them, so be sure to download this little freebie again.  Click on the pic below to grab it.

And of course, there's the quiet spray!!!  Always a favorite!  You can read more about it here.  The pack with the Quiet Spray and Quiet Critter labels was updated recently, so please re-download that by clicking on the pic below.  And it's free, of course, too!

  What are your most effective classroom management tools?  I'll be back throughout the year to share more of mine!  

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