Apples and Visual Plans

I am back from my little huge blogging break.  I want to apologize for not keeping this little blog up lately.  I promise to post more for you all!  To celebrate fall and to have an excuse to get away from the basal, we decided to take a week to review and do it with apples!  I love this time of year!  And so do the kiddos!

We did a little KWL activity to get us started.  I got the KWL for the students and lots of other activities  I used from Cara at First Grade Parade.

Here are a few of the books we used throughout the week.  We used Amelia Bedelia to work on multiple meaning words.

We labeled apples.

For Johnny Appleseed's birthday, we devoted our day to him.  We did a directed drawing of Johnny Appleseed and attached our author's purpose flap book to the bottom.  They are now begging to do these all the time!

We found the author's purpose of another story, too, and made these little hats to wear for the day.  They are obsessed with hats!  If I add a skill to a hat, they are all about it!  

My favorite part of the week was the homemade applesauce!  It smelled so good cooking all day!

Click below to get a copy of the hat template.

I am also sharing my visual plans this week.  I thought Amy's format was perfect, so I totally copied hers!  I like your format better, Amy, than what I've been using!  

I have been asked how I fit everything in reading in.  I will be honest and just tell you that I do not stick solely to the basal.  I use it as more of a guide for what skills to teach.  In Tennessee, a large part of our evaluations are tied to our test scores, which is tied to licensure.  Therefore, our SAT10 is a very big deal.  If there is a skill that is not tested and it isn't a foundational one for something else, I don't spend much time on it.  So, if you use Journeys and see something missing from my plans, that's why.  I will usually replace it with something that is a large cluster on SAT10.  I also did not include my plans for guided reading or Daily 5, just because they are too complicated.  ;)  My students are through the training phase of Daily 5 and pretty independent.  I do use activities from my Journeys supplemental packets in the word work and writing components of Daily 5.

Rayann is our math expert teacher, so she does our math plans, which are always awesome!

We teach math in small groups, so one of the stations they visit is Busy Baskets.  We put the math centers in those and they get to work on them each day.

I will post soon on my guided math structure!

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