Just dropping in quickly to share my visual plans.  I only write the ELA plans for our grade level, and Rayann writes the math plans.  I don't have her math plans to share, but I'll post them as soon as I get them.  I've been asked what my students do during small groups.  They are either pulled by another teacher for a small group or they do the daily 5 rotation.  I don't put that stuff in my plans, so that's why you don't see it below.

With Halloween this week, we decided to take a break from the basal to do all things BATS!  I love Halloween!  I can't wait to do Abby's Candy Corn Bandit on Thursday.  It was a huge hit last year.  We will also be having witches' brew and putrid punch that afternoon.

We use What the Teacher Wants' recipe for the witches' brew.  She has a super cute freebie for it!  Check it out by clicking on the pic below.

You can get the punch recipe by clicking {HERE}.

And to see the original ideas of the anchor charts in my plans, just visit by Pinterest board Fall Activities.  You will also find some bat videos and songs I'll be using this week.  I will drop back in later and share the math plans along with some comprehension strategy ideas.  Happy Sunday!

Hello, sweet friends!  We are on fall break this week, so I am curled up on the couch with my coffee doing one of my favorite things-blogging!  I have missed it the last few weeks.  I wanted to share some things with you I have been working on this year.  I have always kept some form of a data notebook with all of my students' various data.  We have a sixth grade teacher at our school who went to individual student portfolios last year and she had great results from it.  So, I decided to do something similar with my students this year.  

My focus was more on students tracking their own data.  It makes them accountable for their learning and gives them a great visual for where they are and where they want to go.  I must say, this has been a great tool for my second graders.  This is the first year they get grades on their report card so it's hard for them to understand how they work.  This tool has made it all make sense for them and most importantly, it's made them care about their learning.  They get pretty competitive!  

I keep them all on one shelf in my classroom, and I just have students grab them when they need them. It also gives me easy access to them if I need to add something to them.  My biggest concern before starting these was the time factor.  I didn't think I had time to conquer such a task.  I have been very surprised at what little time it requires from me.  It took some time in the beginning to format everything but now it's super easy.

We track various data in our classroom.  I pulled out the most important foundational skills as well as everything that will be tested at the end of the year.  That's our main focus!  We track our reading levels.  We also set goals for where we want to be at the end of the year.  I give them my goal for them and they can make up their own goal if they'd like.  It's so important to have these conversations with them.

We track spelling and phonics tests.  We take a pretest each week at the beginning of the week and then compare our posttest at the end of the week.  Word study is a prominent section on SAT10 so I really like to focus on that.  

We also focus on reading comprehension skills.  I give them a cold read pre-test and then we graph our results.  Next, I tell them what we are learning during the weekly unit.  They have to write down a short "I can" statement below.  At the end of the week, we graph our posttest. 

We track addition and subtraction fluency.  I will explain how that works later in the post.

And finally, we track math data.  The one below is an Engage New York module we tried.  I use enVision, as well, as Saxon for math.  I also pull lots of supplemental stuff from TPT.  So, this section can look differently depending on what I am using.


Student Data Notebooks have to be formatted to your own classroom needs.  This one fits my needs, but yours could look totally different.  I do not have these printables to share yet.  I am working on a product for TPT with what I use if you think it matches your classroom in any way.  We do take SAT10 at the end of the year, so a lot is geared towards that test.  The thing I regret is not yet adding a section for SAT10 and having conferences with them at the beginning of the year about last year's test results.  I am going to work on a student friendly way to address this and maybe conference with them after Christmas.

I have used many different things over the years to practice addition fluency.  I think though I may have found my favorite!  I found this video a teacher made on YouTube for practicing multiplication fluency.  I loved it and we thought there had to be a way to incorporate addition and subtraction into it.

Students start with adding 0 and then can move up to 10.  The first addend is the one they're working on and then I project the second addend.  After they have it written, they hold their markers in the air.

They have one minute to complete them.  

If they did not finish or they know they missed some, they immediately erase, put it away, and read to self.  I then go around checking everyone else's smart pals.  If they mastered that set of facts, they graph their results in their data notebooks.  This whole process takes about 5 minutes each day.  They also work on fluency in their busy baskets during math rotations.

I will throw in a mix of all the facts every now and then to make sure they are retaining it.  

When all the students have mastered through then ten facts, they will all earn a reward.

If you own my problem and solution pack, I have updated it, so be sure to re-download it on TPT.

And for those of you who use my Journeys packets, Jellies and Click, Clack, Moo are both up.  I hope to finish two more this week.


One more thing!  This post was super long!  At our school, we have a Harvest Festival as a school fundraiser.  They boy and girl in each room who bring in the most money get to be the prince and princess of each class and serve in the royal court the night of our Harvest Festival.  Another teacher and I headed up the decorating committee, so we chose a Wizard of Oz theme this year.  We had such a great team that brought our vision to life!  I just had to share some pics from that night!

I hope you all have a great rest of the week!  Enjoy this fall weather!

I am back from my little huge blogging break.  I want to apologize for not keeping this little blog up lately.  I promise to post more for you all!  To celebrate fall and to have an excuse to get away from the basal, we decided to take a week to review and do it with apples!  I love this time of year!  And so do the kiddos!

We did a little KWL activity to get us started.  I got the KWL for the students and lots of other activities  I used from Cara at First Grade Parade.

Here are a few of the books we used throughout the week.  We used Amelia Bedelia to work on multiple meaning words.

We labeled apples.

For Johnny Appleseed's birthday, we devoted our day to him.  We did a directed drawing of Johnny Appleseed and attached our author's purpose flap book to the bottom.  They are now begging to do these all the time!

We found the author's purpose of another story, too, and made these little hats to wear for the day.  They are obsessed with hats!  If I add a skill to a hat, they are all about it!  

My favorite part of the week was the homemade applesauce!  It smelled so good cooking all day!

Click below to get a copy of the hat template.

I am also sharing my visual plans this week.  I thought Amy's format was perfect, so I totally copied hers!  I like your format better, Amy, than what I've been using!  

I have been asked how I fit everything in reading in.  I will be honest and just tell you that I do not stick solely to the basal.  I use it as more of a guide for what skills to teach.  In Tennessee, a large part of our evaluations are tied to our test scores, which is tied to licensure.  Therefore, our SAT10 is a very big deal.  If there is a skill that is not tested and it isn't a foundational one for something else, I don't spend much time on it.  So, if you use Journeys and see something missing from my plans, that's why.  I will usually replace it with something that is a large cluster on SAT10.  I also did not include my plans for guided reading or Daily 5, just because they are too complicated.  ;)  My students are through the training phase of Daily 5 and pretty independent.  I do use activities from my Journeys supplemental packets in the word work and writing components of Daily 5.

Rayann is our math expert teacher, so she does our math plans, which are always awesome!

We teach math in small groups, so one of the stations they visit is Busy Baskets.  We put the math centers in those and they get to work on them each day.

I will post soon on my guided math structure!

Hello all!  Isn't the beginning of the school year just crazy?!  Has it always been this crazy?!  This post is going to be a little long, because I feel like I have so much to catch up on!  And I am using way too many exclamation points!!!  Anyway.....

Common Core really emphasizes digging deeper into the text.  It's very hard to motivate students to do just that.  It's a lot of work!  This year, I decided to really push the fact that they have to be reading detectives.  

I thought this little book was great for teaching what detectives do in a fun and relatable way for them.  We brainstormed what detectives do after reading the story.

I knew they had to have something that made them feel like a detective.  Last year, I made little badges for the different skills, but I found these super cute hat templates online for free!  I just cut out the hat image and attached it to a sentence strip.  You can find them {HERE}.  Such a cute little resource and the kids LOVED them!  

Our comprehension skill this week was author's purpose.  I am going to try to post the resources I use each week for reading on the blog.  

One resource I used was my own.  I made several different author's purpose graphic organizer templates.  One was a flap book.  

We used it with our anchor text for the week and talked about looking for text evidence to back up the author's purpose.  They actually were all about it.  I think the hats won them over!

Here are some cute songs we used to learn about author's purpose.

These are some of the resources I use to practice author's purpose.

We also worked on the 4 types of sentences.  These are some cute videos to use.

And some more pics from our week.  By the way, I am having trouble fitting everything from Journeys into one week.  Are any of you?  One teacher at our school is teaching the lesson for 6 days and then testing on the 7th.  I am thinking about going to this, too.  This past week was a 4 day week for our students and so is next week, so I am stretching out this week's lesson over both weeks.  

We also had our Back to School night this past week.  

We wrote our five whole brain rules using Angie's template from her David Learns the School Rules pack.  I just constructed these pencils in a hurry from scrapbook paper.  Her David craftivity is super cute!

We made some other stuff, too, but of course I forgot to take a picture of it!

Rayann saw this idea on Pinterest.  So, I cut us out some letters with my Silhouette.  I thought it turned out pretty cute!  

We have been working hard on vocabulary.  Here is one making flash cards to help him remember his words.  I have them draw a picture to help them learn and retain the meanings.

I got these little accordion files in the Target Dollar Spot.  They keep their vocabulary cards, letter tiles, math facts, incentive coupons, and any other flash cards in this.  They can just pull it out when they have downtime and study.  

I think that's it!  Thanks for sticking around for my rambling!  Lol!

Have a great long weekend!!!