Interview Skills...

Holly actually came up with this lesson last year, when she taught 2nd with Rayann and me.  One of the skills in our reading series is how to read an interview.  We watched some interviews, read a couple of interviews. and even conducted our own interviews. 

Here are links to the interviews we watched.

The first one is with Word Girl:

The second interview we watched was with Magic Tree House author, Mary Pope Osbourne.  The first one is 5 minutes and the 2nd is 10 minutes long.

We also read some interviews in our reading series.  Then, it was time to conduct our own.  I paired students and then each got a chance to be the interviewer and to be interviewed.  They recorded their responses on this printable.  Click the image to grab a copy.

I also had them practice {a lot!} before it came time to do the actual interview.  I used my flip camera to record them.

The interviews were so funny and so cute!  We watched them later that day.  They had so much fun! 

On another note, please check out our friend Caleb's blog, Man Can Teach Kindergarten.  He is a kindergarten teacher at our school and he needs some followers.  Please head on over and follow him.  Below is a pic of some of the great things going on in his classroom:

Have a great weekend everyone!

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