I love sharing my birthday with Dr. Seuss!  We have so much fun on March 2nd!  I am going to extend my sale in my TPT store until midnight Friday night in celebration of my birthday.  Plus, I just got my Tennessee science and social studies standards posted tonight for 2nd grade.  So, I wanted to give time for those who were interested to pick them up on sale.  I also posted a main idea packet and am working on the next word work packet for The Moon.  Should be up by tomorrow so you can get it at a discount.

I have been pinteresting for ideas on what to do Friday. 

Here are a few things I found that we will be doing to celebrate in 2nd grade on March 2nd.  {Click the pics for the original links.}


I just love moustaches!  Michelle has some super cute ideas!


Cute Writing Craftivity and it’s FREE!  Thanks Chantelle for posting this.


We are going with a Lorax theme incase you haven’t noticed.  ;)

{These truffula trees didn’t have a link. :( }


I love this letter to send home from Little Miss Kindergarten!


And you know we have to watch this during morning meeting!

I can’t wait to see what everyone else is planning on doing!  More pics to come of how it actually turns out!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

My TPT Store

My kids needed strategies for Fast fact recall!! SOOOO...I created these posters to help them. I put them on my TPT store so your students can have FAST FACT RECALL STRATEGIES too!


Click the pic below to see who else is throwing a sale.

Holly actually came up with this lesson last year, when she taught 2nd with Rayann and me.  One of the skills in our reading series is how to read an interview.  We watched some interviews, read a couple of interviews. and even conducted our own interviews. 

Here are links to the interviews we watched.

The first one is with Word Girl:

The second interview we watched was with Magic Tree House author, Mary Pope Osbourne.  The first one is 5 minutes and the 2nd is 10 minutes long.

We also read some interviews in our reading series.  Then, it was time to conduct our own.  I paired students and then each got a chance to be the interviewer and to be interviewed.  They recorded their responses on this printable.  Click the image to grab a copy.

I also had them practice {a lot!} before it came time to do the actual interview.  I used my flip camera to record them.

The interviews were so funny and so cute!  We watched them later that day.  They had so much fun! 

On another note, please check out our friend Caleb's blog, Man Can Teach Kindergarten.  He is a kindergarten teacher at our school and he needs some followers.  Please head on over and follow him.  Below is a pic of some of the great things going on in his classroom:

Have a great weekend everyone!

We were so hoping to have snow on Valentine’s Day, but no such luck!  We still had fun, though, at our annual 2nd Grade Sock Hop.  We danced, we drank coke floats, we blew bubbles, and we raced.  And we were wore out by the end!  You can read all about it here and grab the FREE posters here.


As soon as I saw Abby’s moustache valentines, I knew we had to make them.  They turned out soooo cute! 

Picture 888

Picture 889

We also had fun with Abby’s We Love Math Centers-a must-do each year!  We will have to do the Sweetheart Snatcher next year.  It looks really fun!

Picture 884

Cara’s Love, Splat was awesome!  We love anything with our favorite cat Splat.  {We found a Splish!  Splash!  Splat book at the library the other day.  It goes perfect with our sink or float unit!  Can’t wait to share that one when it warms up.}

Picture 885

Picture 887

We have learned all about problem and solution in reading this week.  We did several of these little activities

Picture 891

And the oi and oy words were our spelling focus this week.  You can find the word work here.  The rOYal prince and princess helped us out!  Most of my students are starting to get 100s on their spelling tests now that I am making my own word work specialized for them.  {Not that it had anything to do with me!  I think they just like the clipart and characters! Lol!}  I am so proud of them! 

Picture 892

Picture 893 

{clipart from Jessica Weible}

Sorry I don’t have any freebies today, but I promise I will on the next post.  We did a fun interviewing activity last week.  I will blog about it next time and provide the freebie.  Happy President’s Day from The Lemonade Stand!

I am at the Ohio eTech conference in Columbus, Ohio. It is AMAZING!!! I presented today at noon. It was AWESOME!!!
Our session title was It Takes a Village: Innovative Ways to Collaborate!
So, of course we had to talk about teacher blogs!!! Here is our business card that we passed out to everyone! You can use this QR code to go to the sessions Wiki that we created with all the innovative ways to collaborate on it. Use the Wiki to make comments add to what we have.... Teacher Bloggers are  the best collaboraters their are!!
SO, play along and go to the wiki and help us create an even better resource for everyone!!!
If you don't have a QR reader: www.ittakesavillage2012.wikispaces.com
Here we are with the sign outside the room where we presented. It is so big there are about 100 different rooms and areas you had to locate to go to sessions.

I hope everyone had a great week!  Ours was filled with learning all about author's purpose.  I found some really great stuff on TPT I used this week.  I forgot to take a picture, but this cute PIE activity came in handy.  We used it as a resource all week.  I also used these handouts that were awesome!  Below is one of our anchor charts for the weekly story.

I also made this little packet of activities to use to teach author's purpose.

I rotated these packets among the groups.  Each had a picture book in it and a printable to complete. 

I used this one to model how to do the activity.  It is a great book for persuasion.

We did the activity together, first.  Then, I let them work in groups.

They had so much fun and were so engaged.  They were author's purpose experts by the end of the week!

There are also some posters and a brown bag template included.  Check it out if you need something extra for author's purpose.

At our school, we are limited on copies, so we are always looking for ways to save on copies.  Rayann came up with the idea of making these flap books for vocabulary this week.  They ordered their words in ABC order on the front, put the definition on the inside front flap, and then illustrated the word and wrote it in a sentence on the inside.  I will be doing this every week!  You can always count on her for great ideas!

We also worked on the ow and ou words.  Those are really hard for the kids to grasp!  But we worked really hard on getting it down.  I incorporated our friend STAN the owl.  They were so excited to see him!  Here are some of the word work activities we used.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Who doesn’t love chocolate?  I know my kiddos do!  They were ALL about this sweet little unit.  We studied the classic children’s book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.  It is such a good story to teach students about character.  I really focused on character traits and comparing and contrasting characters. 

We also reviewed the story elements, as well as story structure using the story.   I showed the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on Monday.  I read the book throughout the week, then we had a comprehension test at the end of the unit. 

We also read Chocolate Attack! It is the cutest story.  You can make this crazy little guy to go with it.  He was great to end the unit with, so that students understand to eat candy in moderation.   

Here is another book we incorporated into the unit.  I got it at the Scholastic Book Fair.  We made a cupcake craftivity to go with it.  It is super cute!

There are lots of writing activities and some literacy centers incorporated into the unit, covering antonyms, contractions, and compound words.

I also included some math tubs {sorting, patterns, addition, and subtraction}. 

Check it out at my TPT store!

On a totally unrelated note, I have been hanging out with this girl tonight...my sister, Whitney.

It's a Monday night tradition to watch The Bachelor.  What is up with him?!  Is it just me or does he get on anyone else's nerves?  Casey B. and Emily are my favorites!  If he was smart, he would pick one of them.  He will probably pick Courtney, though.  Can he not see right through her?  As much as they all drive me crazy, I can't get enough!  Happy Monday!