STAN the Owl: Motivate Students to Learn the Standards

I posted yesterday about my new obsession with OWLS and how it started....SO.. hear is a better picture of my door.  

The ground is starting to fall off... but isn't it sooo cute?!

This is MY STAN the owl. He watches over our classroom. Everytime the kids see him...He is showing us what we are learning...AKA. the standards!!

Here's a better look at him. Perched up high...looking down on our class.

This is Tiffany's little cutie. He is perched right next to her Standards board.

This is Rayann's Stan. She thought our OWLS were to lifelike and a little creepy(heheee)... so, she opted for this super cute WISE owl to watch over her class.

This is Ms. Alysia's Kindergarten OWL.

Super cute... and way brilliant.. She put him on a glitter stick and points to everything they are learning!!!!

STAN is the MAN in my book. The kids look for him and love to know what he is teaching them.

Happy Fall Y'all    The Lemonade Stand Teachers


  1. Love you site. I had one question about Ms. Alysia's Kindergarten Objectives.... Do you know if she purchased this from Mrs. Jump. I purchased her K-CCLS but I do not have that headings. Just wanted to know if it was something that I can purchase.


  2. Where did you get your owls? I think that is the cutest idea and I think my kiddos would love something like that. I'd love to find a life-like owl like you all have. Where did you all find those? Very cute idea!


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