First and Second Grades Learning Toolkit and Binder


Have you been thinking about creating toolkits for each of your students?  Going to individualized tools and supplies is a must this year, so I have created these resources for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade with that need in mind.  The toolkits I made this year contain tools for both reading and math.  I knew students would need number lines, hundreds charts, ten frames, letter tiles, and more to be successful in their grade level.  The pouch that I use is about the size of a sheet of paper, so I found that it holds everything needed.  I found these mesh bags on Amazon.  They were the most inexpensive and sturdy ones I could find.  You get 30 in a set.  You could also use a pencil pouch, pencil box, or gallon Ziploc bag.  I also wanted students to have a matching binder with instructional mats that we frequently use.  You can add any resources to the binder that you want your students to have.

I made two separate resources based on the needs for those grades:  a kindergarten toolkit and a first/second grade toolkit.  Let's look at the first and second grade one today!

Each student will get a toolkit and a binder or folder, depending on the amount of instructional mats you want to give students.  I made covers for both options.  The tabs can be printed in color to make it easier for students to find the mat needed.  I printed those on cardstock and laminated them, attaching them to the back of the sheet protector with tape.  There are covers and spine labels for binders and folders for both grades included in different color formats.

If you want, you can add these tags to the zipper. They include a label and a list of contents that should be in the bag.  I included an editable one if you want to customize it.  These are attached to the zipper with a binder ring.  I have a friend who bought magnetic hooks and is hanging these on the side of students desks.  Super smart!

For ELA, students will need letter tiles and a word mat.  I don't have enough magnetic letters to give to each students, so I made these on cardstock and laminated them with the 3M laminating pouches.  When it's time to build words, you can have students get all of the letters out and put them in order for a fun race to practice their alphabet skills.  The labels for the bag are printed on sticker sheets.  The labels aren't necessary but they look cute on the little bags.  Lol!  Here is a link to the bags I used.

These individual whisper phones are a necessity this year.  I grabbed them on Amazon, too.

Here's a peek at the math tools your students will need:  spinners, base ten blocks, ten frames, number lines, and hundreds charts.  I also gave each students two sets of linking cubes, 20 counters, and two dice.

This is the learning binder.  I have included two different word walls, one for each grade, as well as an editable/blank one.

The blank game board below can be used for students to create their own games over the skills you are covering.  

Many of the math instructional mats I put in mine were from my Guided Math Student Binder Resource.  

The sound mapping mat is for students to segment the sounds in words.

I have gotten so much great feedback from everyone creating these toolkits and binders for your students!  I hope they are helpful to everyone this year.  It is a little work and preparation up front, but it will be a very useful tool for your students this year whether they are learning from the classroom or are distance learning.  You can check out the resource by clicking below.  You can also check out the Kindergarten one, as well.  Thanks so much!

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