What Do I Do With My Paper? A Paper Management Tool

classroom management

If you are a teacher, you have been asked this a thousand times.  ;)  I used to get so upset with my students for asking this, because I had already told them multiple times where to put it.  But then I realized that maybe I needed to look in the mirror.  Usually, when there is a management issue in your classroom, there is a solution that can help alleviate that issue that comes straight from the teacher.  

I wasn't always being consistent with where I wanted students to turn in assignments.  I have a finished work basket where most work goes, but I don't always want it to go there.  Sometimes, I want them to hold onto it so that I can give them immediate feedback on an assignment.  Other times, I want them to bring it to me at teacher table to have it checked.  I also have a number collector who collects them in number order if it's something that I am using as an assessment grade for my gradebook.  No wonder my students couldn't keep up!

So, I decided to create a visual reminder to help them know where to put their completed assignments.  It took about a week to get used to, but they NEVER ask me what to do with their work anymore.  

classroom management

I printed each of the cards on cardstock and laminated them.  I added them to binder rings and hung them on my front board.  I always reference it before independent or partner practice, but if they forget where to put it, they just refer to the visual.  

I have included in the resource all of the cards that I use and in three different color options.  I have also included some blank editable cards for you to customize to your classroom.  I hope that if you are having the same question asked of you multiple times a day, this little tool will help you out!  Click any of the pics to check the resource out.  Thanks for stopping by!

classroom management
classroom management

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