The Fruit Salad Friend

I have to share the latest book from Maria Dismondy, The Fruit Salad Friend.  Maria is my go-to author for books that teach friendship, respect, problem-solving, and anti-bullying.  

Chloe loves school but is feeling like something has changed.  She begins to notice that those who she believed to be her friends are not treating her with the kindness that she deserves.  Chloe demonstrates how to be a problem solver and how to overcome being mistreated by others.  Throughout the book, she discovers the recipe for true friendship and surrounds herself with others who embody those sweet qualities.

Not only is The Fruit Salad Friend great for educators and students, but it is also great for parents.  The author includes before, during, and after reading discussion points, as well as tips for parents on how to boost your child's friendship making skills.

Emily Yost from Third in Hollywood has created a free Reader's Guide for educators that I know you will love!  She has included 10 lessons to accompany the book.  I love that she has included these comprehension questions below!

My favorite part of her Reader's Guide is the Be a Friend Challenge.  This would be a great challenge for your school to complete at the beginning of the year.  Imagine how it can change the culture in your school...

I plan on incorporating a Zen space in my classroom.  I will definitely be including these I Messages in the space.  This will empower students to be true problem solvers rather than coming to me to handle those inevitable friendship trials and tribulations.

You can take a closer look at The Fruit Salad Friend HERE. 


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