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I am linking up with Farley to share June's currently!
Listening and Loving:  One of my favorite things about being off during the summer is getting to drink my coffee while watching the Today Show.  I love not having to set my alarm and just getting to do whatever!

Thinking: I am planning on updating my word work units as well as adding an editable word work pack.  I also am thinking about all the TPT projects I need to finish soon.

Wanting:  The Nashville Blogger Meetup is this weekend, so I am so excited for it to get here!  I can't wait to meet some amazing teachers!

Needing:  My classroom closet is in some serious need of organization.  I just can't seem to make myself get down there to do it.

Summer Lovin': We have several trips coming up!  We are spending a long weekend in the Big Apple next week, the TPT conference is coming up in July, and we are heading down to Palm Beach at the end of July.  

Please visit Oh Boy Fourth Grade to donate to the animals affected by the recent floods in Wimberly.


  1. Don't worry too much about your school closet! It'll still be there for you in the fall! :)

  2. I enjoyed reading your Currently! Have fun at your Nashville Blogger Bash! There's one coming up for us Arizona gals. I know what you mean about the classroom closet. I'm sure there is stuff in mine I haven't seen for years, LOL! Thanks for sharing!

    I Heart My Kinder Kids

  3. I am so jealous you are going to the TpT conference!! I really wanted to go, but husband's work schedule and building a house this summer got in the way! Maybe next year! :) Enjoy your lazy summer days!

    First Grade Garden

  4. Enjoy your blogger bash! I'm in Eastern Tennessee, and I wish somebody would have one close to me. Have fun traveling this summer! Carol's Teaching Garden

  5. Wow - you're on vacation, and you have so much to look forward to! I hope your Nashville meet-up was fun!

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