This past Saturday, I attended my very first blogger/teacher meet up!

It was hosted by these amazing bloggers!  You all did an amazing job and we appreciate your hard work putting this on!

Rayann and I went to the meet up together and had some much needed time to catch up.

There was a lot of teacher talent in the room, as you can see!

I was so glad to get to meet Latoya and Greg for the first time.  I had been a follower for a long time!

I was really bad about taking pictures!  I will have to do better next time.  We had some great sponsors for the event, got some fabulous swag, and ate some good food!  I was so excited to meet and make new friends and can't wait to see you all again in Vegas!

Head on over to the hosts' blogs for a linky party to see everyone else's pics from the weekend.  I am sure they have more than me!  ;)  {You can click the pic below for the linky.}

I am linking up with Farley to share June's currently!
Listening and Loving:  One of my favorite things about being off during the summer is getting to drink my coffee while watching the Today Show.  I love not having to set my alarm and just getting to do whatever!

Thinking: I am planning on updating my word work units as well as adding an editable word work pack.  I also am thinking about all the TPT projects I need to finish soon.

Wanting:  The Nashville Blogger Meetup is this weekend, so I am so excited for it to get here!  I can't wait to meet some amazing teachers!

Needing:  My classroom closet is in some serious need of organization.  I just can't seem to make myself get down there to do it.

Summer Lovin': We have several trips coming up!  We are spending a long weekend in the Big Apple next week, the TPT conference is coming up in July, and we are heading down to Palm Beach at the end of July.  

Please visit Oh Boy Fourth Grade to donate to the animals affected by the recent floods in Wimberly.

I am linking up with Lucky Little Learners and Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd for their #2getherwearebetter linky.  I'm loving getting to see everyone's workspaces!  

Here is a little peek into my home office space!

This desk was actually my husband's childhood desk, but I painted it black and replaced the hardware after we moved here.  You wouldn't believe the difference it made!  Most, if not all the books on these shelves are his.  I keep mine in the walk-in closet in the room. 

This bookshelf is from Target.  Again, Todd's books.  He has taken over my little space!  ;)  I actually stenciled the Moroccan pattern you see on the walls.  It took forever, but I love it!  It really added some texture to the room. 

I like to incorporate motivational art into any space, especially in the room that is meant to inspire creativity.  I got this print at Hobby Lobby.

This chair is really soft and cozy.  I picked it up from World Market. The pillow cover is from Amazon and the blanket from Ikea.

This magnetic board is from Dillard's.  I got it on clearance after Christmas.  It's huge and the polka dots are adorable.  I usually post reminders and cards on it.  I cleaned it up for y'all!  

This little area is where I house my gadgets.  I would really like to get some sort of shelving unit for this stuff.  This corner is definitely a work in progress.  My printer, Cameo, laminator, paper, and laminating sleeves are all stored here.

It's a pretty small area with not a lot of clutter.  Clutter stresses me out so I try to eliminate it from my home office.  I am lucky that this room has a walk-in closet so I can store my other supplies, books, and any other stuff I want to hide!  And to be honest, I do a lot of my TPT work on the laptop from the comfort of the couch in my living room at night.  

Be sure to check out everyone else's amazing home offices below!