Author's Purpose is as Easy as PIE! {FREEBIE}

This post is actually about an activity we did a few weeks ago.  {I'm trying to catch up on all my posts!}  I have seen on other blogs where teachers have students sort the books in the Scholastic catalogs that we all have lying around.  I decided to incorporate that into our author's purpose is as easy as pie theme with this super fun activity.

We have visited author's purpose throughout several units this year, so students were already very familiar with the concept.  I had saved the Scholastic catalogs from October and gave each student one. They cut out each book cover and placed them in a pile.

I picked up the pie pans at the Dollar Tree.  Each table got three pie pans.  

The students were so excited when they came in and saw their "baking" gear laid out for them to use.  I placed bulletin board paper on their desks to prevent the little book covers from falling in the floor.  The cute chef hats are made from sentence strips and tissue paper.

Once they had their book covers cut out, they got to sorting!  

We had to have several conversations throughout the activity to clear up any confusion with some of the trickier book covers.  And they were having conversations of their own, debating on which pan to place some of the books.  It was so interesting to hear their take on author's purpose!  At the end, we pulled out some of the books and discussed whether or not we thought that pan was a good choice for the books.  Some groups decided to make changes to their sort.  

I was so excited to hear them using the language I had taught them and applying what we had learned.  If you are interested in doing this little activity, you can download the author's purpose labels by clicking on the pic below.  I just printed them on cardstock and folded them.

Graphics by Melonheadz

This was our anchor chart students referred to all throughout the unit.  The mini posters are from my Author's Purpose Unit.  

We were so lucky to have a snow day today!  I got caught up on so much and got to stay in my sweatpants all day!  Win, win!  Have a great rest of the week!


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