A Peek at my Week

We survived the first week of second grade last week!  I have a really sweet class.  I know we are going to have a great year.  It seems like at the beginning of the year, it takes so long to complete each activity and you just never know from year to year how each class will be.  The first two weeks are all about teaching procedures and getting acclimated with one another.  

The first story in our reading series, Journeys, is Henry and Mudge.  We will be treating it more like a thematic unit this week doing lots of fun activities to go along with the classic stories.  

I am also starting to teach the Daily 5 routine this week, and we will be completing some little craftivities to get the kiddos excited about it.  

We are still up in the air about how to do spelling this year.  We have done the words that go along with the series in the past.  We have also tried Words Their Way.  What do you all use for spelling? 


I am also starting Lucy Calkins Writer's Workshop this week.  We just adopted her newest series and I am so excited about using it!

I had to miss a couple of days last week, so I am playing catch-up in Math this week.  We will also be learning how to play lots of math games that will be found in the Dessert Tub the next week.


I can't wait to check out everyone else's lesson plans!  Be sure to link up or stop by Mrs. Wills' Kindergarten!

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