Get Your Classroom Reading Ready!

That first week of school is always exciting.  You meet those new, sweet faces.  The smell of fresh crayons and new books are in the air.  But I always have that stress of figuring out my daily schedule.  It seems like it's different every year.  At our school, our intervention staff uses those first couple of weeks to assess our students for us.  Therefore, we don't have intervention pull-outs and I am still trying to perform my own assessments to determine how I want to group students.

I like to use this time to really establish a desirable classroom culture and classroom expectations and routines.  I have used these books for a while to teach proper reading block routines and to help students to maintain that love of reading.  I decided this summer to create some craftivities to go along with each one, since we have more time together during the reading block that first week.

Dex: The Heart of a Hero by Caralyn Buehner is great for teaching students about building stamina during reading.  We will be making these Super Heroes Readers and writing a list of tips to help us build our stamina.

Who doesn't love the Splat the Cat books?  Secret Agent Splat by Rob Scotton is perfect for discussing what detectives do.  I plan on making an anchor chart about the job of detectives and then relating that to being a learning detective in the classroom.  We are going to make these mini detectives to decorate our classroom door.  

We also talk about how to choose a place to read in our classroom.  The Best Place to Read by Debbie Bartram is a cute book that takes you on a little boy's journey to find the best place to read.

Here is a little freebie from the Reading Ready Pack to go along with The Best Place to Read.  Click the pic below to snag a copy.

Choosing books that are on the appropriate level is always a struggle for my second graders.  They want to go after those chapter books when they just aren't quite ready.  My library is leveled but they still gravitate toward those tough books.  I like to read Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts.  We go over some tips to help us choose books that fit and this year, we will make the little shoe craftivity below.

Finally, {actually I will probably read this one to them first} we read Born to Read by Judy Sierra.  It's a cute book that shows students all the advantages to being a great reader.  At the end, it shows a newspaper story of what the main character grew up to be.  So, we will be making our own newspaper articles like this one.

There are also these little hats and more goodies in the pack.  

I hope you check it out if you like to use these books in your classroom.  You can click any of the pics above from the pack to check it out.  Many of these books can be found read online on YouTube if you don't have them.  You really don't have to have the books to make the craftivities.  You can just discuss the strategies maybe with an anchor chart and then do the activity.

How do you use these books?  What do you do to teach expectations and routines for reading at the beginning of the year?

Have a happy hump day!


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