Birthday Bash 2013!

I don't know about you all, but I am not crazy about cupcakes coming to school for student birthdays.  Our district limits us to four parties a year, which includes birthdays.  I never had the heart to turn sweet parents away holding cupcakes for their little one's birthday.  I would be the worst person ever!  

I was excited when I saw how Rachelle celebrated birthdays.  So, we have had our own un-birthday parties at the end of the year ever since.  She has some super cute ideas and a great packet you get download, too!  Thanks, Rachelle!

I didn't tell my class ahead of time that we were celebrating birthdays so they would be surprised.  They were super confused, which was hilarious!

I got the girls tiaras and the boys birthday hats to wear all day at Dollar Tree.  

They loved writing about their favorite birthday gifts!


We played some fun minute-to-win-it games. They started with an oreo on their forehead and had to get it from there to their mouth.  I didn't time them.  This one was pretty entertaining!  You can see the shock of one in the background above when she dropped hers!

The next game called for spaghetti and penne pasta.  They had to get as many pieces of penne on the spaghetti, which was in their mouth, as they could fit.  They could not use their hands!

We had more games to play, but we ran out of time.  Finally, it was cupcake time.  

Funny story about the cupcakes.  I had planned on making them myself the night before, but I just ran out of time preparing lunch for the next day for my student teacher's last day.  So, I told my husband to just swing by a store and pick up two dozen for me.  I got home and saw that the two sets weren't matching, which was fine at this point.  I was looking at one set and thought it had little black dresses on top.  But then, I got to thinking...those weren't dresses!  That's lingerie!!!  He had picked up cupcakes for a bachelorette party!  Only Todd!  Luckily, they were little plastic pieces that I just took off.  I don't know how I would have explained those little numbers to the parents!

Today was our last full day with our students.  I am really going to miss this group.  They have truly been one of my favorite groups.  They were so eager to learn, had such sweet souls, and truly just wanted to make me happy.  Here's to another year!  


  1. I bet they had a blast. I'm going to miss my little ones's been a great year!
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