A Word Work Freebie, Firefighter Activity, and a Tattle Song

Can I just tell you how much I love these 2nd graders?!  We have the best little group this year!  They do love to tattle, however.  So, we have had to learn what it means to tattle and when it is okay to tell the teacher.  Here is the cute tattle song we use to teach them.

I started making word work units last year to accompany our Treasures stories.  I wanted them to be skill focused and to be aligned with the Children's Progress testing we were taking then.  This week I am offering you the sneaky e with the vowel o ABC order word work component of the packet for FREE.  So go and download it!  It contains an ABC order activity for 5 short o words, 5 long o words, 2 review words, and 3 challenge words.  I use these as my spelling words.  But they would go with any reading series as a supplement for practicing the skill.  

The anniversary of September 11th is coming up this next week.  It is very difficult to teach this to our younger students.  I like to read the book September 12th: We Knew Everything Would Be Alright.  

I also like the Reading Rainbow episode that covers it.  I view it through our Learn 360 subscription.  I looked it up on You Tube and found the music video from the episode.  You hopefully can find the entire episode through another site.

We also make these little firefighters to thank firefighters everywhere for the job they do everyday.  You can find the template in my TPT store.

You can visit Erica's blog for more links to activities to remember September 11th.  We will never forget...

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