Stan's New Home and Charleston

Hi friends!  I finally got back into my classroom with the good camera to take some pictures of the tree my mom and I constructed.  

I am using it to post my standards.  And it is now the focal point of the room.  

I laminated the owls and then cut them out in the profile of the owl.  I hot glued a clothespin to the bottom.  I thought I could always add more if needed but I try to stick to one standard at a time for each subject.  

Here's the view from the door.

The hubby and I got back from Charleston this past weekend.  We loved it!  I will leave you with a few pics from the trip.

cobblestone streets

having some breakfast

Can I live here??? ;)

Isle of Palms {Folly Beach was great, too!}

the hubby at the Battery

waterfront park

at the Mount Pleasant Pier

I feel like all we did was eat!  This is Five Loaves Cafe!  It's adorable and really good.  I also loved Hominy Grill.

If you haven't been, you need to check it out if you love old southern cities.  Have a great night everyone!!!


  1. Such a creative way to post your standards! Super cute:)

    I am having a birthday giveaway over at The Resourceful Apple and would love for you to stop by!


  2. I love Stan's new home! What a great idea! Charleston looks pretty fabulous, too! :)

  3. Such a cute tree! Has anyone ever told you that you look like Sheryl Crow?
    The Hive


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