Math Methods Class

MTSU's math methods class came and shared some super creative math games with our kiddos. Here are some pics:


  1. Will you be sharing how to play some of these games? They look awesome. I am intrigued by the How Much is the Doggie in the Window? one. Maybe a little because I often have that song stuck in my head for some reason... I also like seeing how they are on the display boards- makes me think about how that would work in my room in general for using math games as centers.

    1. I can't remember the specifics of all of them. {I should have taken better pics!} But with the doggie one, I think they had to spin the wheel with the coins on it, then they had to decide which dog they could purchase. They could also figure out how much change they would get back. That game was my favorite! Now that song is stuck in my head, too! lol

  2. This is such a great idea. I am definitely keeping these in mind for weekly center ideas!

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  3. These are such cute ideas!!! Our kids will love this!! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Hi, could you please tell me how to play snag a spider and mathdonalds as i would like to recreate these for my sons homework maths project, thank you

  5. Did you have a rubric they followed to design these games?

  6. What a fun idea! I'd love to know how to play all of the games.