New iBooks Author: Jake Croft

I've been turned on to a new iBooks author, Jake Croft. Jake is a friend of a friend who has written 2 children's books for the iPad, Hank Saves the Day! and Hank's Summer Day. He is working on two more that will be coming soon. Currently, Hank Saves the Day! is #13 on iBooks bestsellers list of Top Children's Fiction Free Books. You should definitey check out his books. Plus every download gets him closer to being in the top 10!!! Also, be sure to visit Jake's website GrumpyLobster,

Hope you all are having a wonderful week even if you're not on Spring Break!!!


  1. Love your blog ladies!!! I tagged you over on my blog. Come check it out if you can:)

    Pencils with Pizzazz

  2. Tag! You're it! Hop on over to my blog to play.
    ☺ Tanya
    First Grade is Fantabulous!

  3. Looks like there is a new Hank book! "Captain Hank's Treasure"


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