I've been turned on to a new iBooks author, Jake Croft. Jake is a friend of a friend who has written 2 children's books for the iPad, Hank Saves the Day! and Hank's Summer Day. He is working on two more that will be coming soon. Currently, Hank Saves the Day! is #13 on iBooks bestsellers list of Top Children's Fiction Free Books. You should definitey check out his books. Plus every download gets him closer to being in the top 10!!! Also, be sure to visit Jake's website GrumpyLobster,

Hope you all are having a wonderful week even if you're not on Spring Break!!!
We Lemonade Stand Teachers use it ALL.THE.TIME!!!  We incorporate music as much as possible to reinforce the concepts we are teaching.  We have two second grade classes, so we all go to Rayann’s room for morning meeting, where we sing TONS of songs.  Most of them can be found on YouTube.  We have been studying space for the past few weeks and these are two of our favorites:

This is a good one for adjectives:

We LOVE Mr. Harry’s Kindergarten videos.  He is our hero!  A lot of these songs are completely appropriate for our second graders.  They magically come to the carpet super nicely when they hear this:

And they clean the room without me ever having to say a word with this song.  I also use it to clean up centers, and it works like magic!

I will post more as I think of them.  Here is a little peak of the highlights of what we did last week:
We learned that the Earth revolves around the Sun and the Moon revolves around the Earth.
We worked on r-controlled vowels with activities from my Stirring Up Memories word work packet.  This is the word sort from it.
Geometry has been the focus in math.  I introduced geometric solids with food.  That’s how you win them over!  Works every time!  ;)
I will leave you with this last video.  This is us this week, since we are on spring break!
Hello friends!  I have some FREEBIES for you! 

First off, we learned about adjectives last week.  I saw the idea I think on Pinterest at some point for doing this activity with character traits, but I adapted it for adjectives.   They had to come up with 9 adjectives to describe themselves.  It was a great self-esteem boost!  I modeled for them how to do it first, and I let them come up with adjectives to describe me.  I need to do that more often, because they were so sweet!  If you are having a bad day, do this activity!  You will feel great afterwards!!!!   You can get the adjective template {HERE}.

We used these anchor charts last week to distinguish between fantasy and reality.  You can pick them up {HERE} for FREE!!!

This week we are learning how to draw conclusions as our comprehension strategy.  I am going to use this booklet rather than the workbook page for our story.  They record two facts and then draw a conclusion based on the facts about the story.  For some reason, they are more likely to get into making a book than writing on a workbook page as you all know!  You can get this little FREEBIE right {HERE}.

Standardized testing will be here before you know it!  If you are like me, I am always pushing reading comprehension strategies to prepare my little kiddos.  I have some activities in my TPT store than can help if you are need of some supplemental activities.  I also try to create them to fit within the evaluation process and rubric.  You can check them all out below. 

Have a great week everyone!!!

So sorry for the blogging hiatus!  A lot has gone on since I blogged last.  Here are some pics {iPhone style!  Sorry!}  of our Dr. Seuss day:


Rayann made these cuties!  “One Fish, Two Fish” cupcakes!



We made Cara’s Seuss Juice.  They loved it!




I love this Lorax app!  It puts the moustache on the picture.


We have been learning about the moon, too.  We used Oreos to show the phases of the moon.  You can grab a copy of the recording sheet HERE.



oreo phases

They worked in pairs.  Each pair got eight cookies.  They first had to split them apart.  They used popsicle sticks to shape the icing for each moon phase.  I then had them line them up starting with the new moon phase.  They used the recording sheet to draw the phases and label them.  They did so well!  Getting to eat the cookies at the end was a great motivator too!  ;)


Now on to watching The Bachelor!  Why do I do this?!  Happy Monday!


Sorry that I haven't posted The Moon's word work. I will get it up tonight or tomorrow and put it on sale for 24 hours. Thanks for your understanding!