A Teacher's Work is NEVER Done!!!

So I was pretty excited last night when I got the notification from my school district that school would be out today due to the white fluffy stuff: SNOW!! In reality, it was mostly just a dusting, but I'm not complaining one bit. Our 3 day weekend has turned into a wonderful 4 day weekend!!

I have an extremely long to do list. I'm sure most of you can relate. One of the items on the list is QR Codes. Tiffany and I wrote a grant for iPod touches. We were way pumped that our grant was selected. In our grant we said we would use these little technological gems to make and read QR codes in the classroom. So this morning that has been my mission.

This is my first time creating a document in GoogleDocs and creating QR codes. Ok so GoogleDocs didn't quite cooperate, so I created a TpT store to download it from. It's not very cute but I think it will work for now.  If you could help me by downloading and using this with your class I would greatly appreciate it! All feedback is welcome. Thoughts and suggestions are wanted!!!

                                                           DOWNLOAD HERE!!!!


  1. If you have a 'smart' phone and you trust your students, you could download a QR reader and let them have at it. I know that's not the ideal situation though!!


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