Okay.  This post is a random mess.  Just warning you!  So, we started double-digit subtraction the week before last.  Every year, I think they are never going to get it!  It is such a tedious process to teach this skill; therefore, I dread introducing it every year.  But they are finally getting it!  I have made them repeat a subtraction rhyme so much that they are probably dreaming about it at night!  I took some pics of what we have been doing to learn the process, but I forgot my camera at school!  I created a little packet with some posters, a song, and a rhyme to reinforce double-digit subtraction with and without regrouping  if you want to check it out below.  I cannot take credit for the rhyme or song.  I just had to make some visuals to post for my kiddos.

Next week, we will be ready for the story Nutik, the Wolf Pup.  We will be working on variant vowels au and aw.  I made a word work packet for my classroom, just because I don't think Treasures word work is too kid-friendly.  Plus, the class I have this year needs extra support in spelling and phonics.  More so, than any group I have ever had.  You can find it below.  There is a free word sort in the preview file if you want to pick that up.

I have mentioned before that our school is a Positive Behavior Support school.  We were asked to display posters with pictures that go along with each rule.  We have three school rules: be respectful, be responsible, and be prepared.  You can grab those below for FREE if you are interested. 

Have a great rest of the weekend from the Lemonade Stand Teachers!
Last night as I sat waiting on my kids to text telling me to pick them up from the basketball game and listening to my hubs snore...I decided to do a little 'blog surfing'. I stumbled on a new blog (new to me) called Rowdy in First Grade. In a post this week, she shared how Mrs. Patton is using technology in her classroom. I've been enamoured with QR codes lately and am in the process of creating lessons using these cool codes.

Mrs. Patton uses this awesome movie maker website xtranormal to type her student's math story problems into. It creates a video that she generates a QR code for. Her students just scan the code and it takes them to the movie. After watching the short movie, all the students have to do is solve the problem.

I can't wait to do this with my class. This will rock their world!!!! It certainly did mine!

I played around on xtranormal and came up with this little shout out.....

-The Lemonade Stand Teachers
I am the slacker Lemonade Stand Teacher....so to redeem my absence since before Christmas I want to show off what the 1st grade has been up to..... We have been decking our halls as if it were a contest to show off our mad TPT, Pinterest, and blog SKILLS that there is!!!!! So her eis our HALLWAY PALOOZA.......
We made these SUPER snowman cans from left over cafeteria lunches!!!

 Christmas Around the World --We flewaround the world to explore Christmas traditions... here' our airline tickets---Thanks to TPT!!! and Rayann for her Airplane.....

 Oops...Look sideways for Santa Around the world!!!

This display is so cute... Each student had a green card. They had to write their name on the card. Then make a + 1 equation using the number of letters in their name. This card told them how mant circles they needed for their snowman... X number of letters + 1 for the head = the total number of circles.
We then graphed the results form the least to the greatest going down the hallway...and I mean ALL the way down the hallway... 48 of them lined up and graphed with their equation cards. Sooo fun.

Chinese New Year Celebration
Winter Snowman Poem writing and Shape snowman pattern...sooooooo fun and cute...

 MLK day thanks to freebie on Pinterest!!! Turned out soooo cute.
Well that is our HALLWAYPALOOZA!!!! I hope you liked it and saw our MAD 1st grade skills....  Happy Hallway decorating from the slacker Lemonade Stand Teacher :) Holly :)

We were chosen by Kayla over at Primary Junction.

Primary Junction

 Muchos Gracias, Kayla!!  How exciting!!!
 There's some 'fine print', aka rules,
 that are suppose to be followed. Sounds easy enough. So here it goes...

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1. Thanks again Kayla! Check her blog out if you aren't already a follower.

2. -I am only one of the three bloggers hosting this blog. The three of us collaborate very well and love to share with others.

-I (Rayann) am married and have 2 kids, Cede (13) and Austin (12).

-The two main colors in my closet are Black and White.

-I have a spoiled Old English Bulldog named Lola. She is momma's sweet baby and we absolutely love her. She has free rane of the house, tons of 'babies', whines to go to bed, and is a great cuddler!

                                    And sometimes she's not exactly a good girl, as you can see!

-I am a reality junkie!!! Some of my fave shows are Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the First 48, Gold Rush, and Moonshiners.

-I grew up in Knoxville, TN and my blood runs ORANGE!!! 

-I start almost everyday with a large coke with extra ice from McDonalds. I know this is horrible. I'm trying to do better!

3. Our 15 recently discovered blogs:

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Happy Blogging!

-The Lemonade Stand Teachers
This week our kiddos are going to be working on subtraction using mental math. I created this little game for them to practice their addition and subtraction facts. I've posted it to my TpT Store as a *FREE* download!!

- The Lemonade Stand Teachers
Last year, for Valentine's Day, Holly came up with the idea of a Valentine's Day Sock Hop.  It was so much fun!  We broke out the scarves and poodle skirts and stepped back in time to the 50s!  I made a FREE packet for you all if you want to have a sock hop this year.  It has posters for each station and certificates.  Click the pics below to download them for FREE at my TPT store

We had four different stations.  You will definitely need some parent volunteers to help you with this.

The first was the Soda Shop.  We served heart shaped pizza and made floats.  They could choose from root beer or coke floats.  You could do a "How To Make a Float" writing activity before the sock hop.  Lots of kids have never had a float before, amazingly!

We also had a bubble gum blowing contest.  You will definitely need to be there to teach them how to blow a bubble.  So many of ours didn't  know how. 

There was a matchbox car race.  We had them bring in their own matchbox cars, but we had some extras.  We have ramps in our hallways, so we had the races there.

And finally, we had the Sock Hop station!  We just let them dance their hearts out to 50s music.

Here they are decorating their Valentine bags:

So go to my TPT store if you want to download the FREE posters and certificates for your very own sock hop.  {Sorry my pictures aren't very good.  I need a new camera!} 

I also just uploaded a Super -er, -ir, and -ur Word Work Activity packet if you are working on bossy r.

Have a great weekend!